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Sayulita Days are in full swing and we hope you are enjoying it as much as we are! If you’re not here in Sayulita, follow us on Instagram for a recap of the festivities and plan to visit us next year in the week leading up to the 24th of February, Flag day. Flag Day in Sayulita is a festive celebration that takes place every year on February 24th. This day is dedicated to honoring the Mexican flag and all that it represents. Sayulita, our charming beach town on the Pacific coast of Mexico, comes alive with music, dancing, and…

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Sayulita turns into one big fiesta from the 19th – 24th of February. With Banda music playing on every corner, parades for days, and the fair arriving at the baseball field, what’s not to love? Mexico’s take on the carnival includes betting stands with roulette, dart-throwing to win cookies, chips, or even ramen. And the best stand of all; the rock-throwing at empty beer bottles to win beers. Not forgetting the classic popcorn and hot dog stands. On Flag day which is the 24th of February, brace yourselves for a night filled with banda, pacifico’s and wild ride on the…

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Fer Yoga and Private Classes offers a dynamic and creative yoga practice to deepen your yoga knowledge and ability.  Fer provides a fun weekly schedule within Sayulita or the possibility to reserve a private lesson that is carefully designed to match your skill set and desire.    Fer is an internationally trained and bilingual yoga teacher. She received her training and in 2019 from Swami Sivananda’s school in Patagonia, Argentina.  Through her training, Fer obtained the Yoga Pandit degree for Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga, endorsed by the South American International Yoga Federation. Fer is a vital member of the Yoga community of Sayulita. She…

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Bust a move & break it down now y'all! When you think of breakdancing, what is the first thing that comes to mind? You might envision breakdancing as a “dance battle” type of scenario -- two guys in a dark club, dramatically battling it out on the dance floor in an attempt to win some type of “street cred” on who is the best dancer. The crowd cheers each performer on as they compete with increasingly intense and cool dance moves to try to insult or “outdance” the other. Of course, this is how the movies always make it out to be. If you’re anything like me, you might think that breakdancing looks like a total magic trick. How do they bend their body that way? How exactly do they do that with their arms and legs at the same time? A mixture of dance, isolations, contortions, and performance, breakdancing is an incredibly high-energy event to watch, and even more fun to try to learn. Sayulita Team is a team of breakdancers bringing performances and breakdancing lessons right here to Sayulita!
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Are you trying to follow a low carb lifestyle? I am always googling and following low carb bloggers to find recipes for snacks that are low carb and delicious at the same time. Yesterday I came across a recipe for pizza roll ups that sounded easy and yummy -- just 4 ingredients, and low carb pizza roll ups with no flour of any kind!? I just had to try them; my very well-stocked Sayulita kitchen already had the 4 ingredients I needed.