Childcare in Sayulita

sayulita community children

Article and photos by Georgia Glennon owner of Sayulita Childcare

I fell in love with Sayulita 20 years ago and I decided to make it my home in 2009. I love how the Mexican culture stresses the importance of family and there is such a strong sense of community here in Sayulita. It is not only a great place for locals to raise a family but a very appealing place for tourists to bring their children.  

Sayulita has many activities and services for children and families, from horseback riding, surf lessons, tours in the jungle with Mexitreks, fishing trips, whale watching, art classes on the beach, yoga classes at CVIS or simply building sandcastles at the beach. Octavia Jolley runs a sea camp that kids just love, it's both fun and educational. She also own's Bebé where you can rent pack-n-plays, strollers, high chairs etc. The frequent Mexican Holiday Celebrations offer many opportunities to get a sneak peak into Mexican Culture, whether it be a parade or musicians performing on stage, in the plaza there is always something happening in Sayulita.

I started Sayulita Childcare, because I thought it was a service that was needed here. Sayulita Childcare is a babysitting service that caters to tourists.   Parents often want some adult time to go out to dinner, get a massage, attend a yoga class or go shopping. Sayulita is also a big wedding destination, but sometimes children are not allowed at the ceremony. Andrea Villarrubia of Sayulita Dream Weddings said:  "As a wedding planner, I often get requests for reputable babysitters; people want to bring their kids on vacation, but they also want time to go out with their friends."

A tourist from Seattle told me that her family has traveled the world and not found a place as friendly as Sayulita:  "From the restaurants, to the beach vendors, to the locals, such a sense of warmth here, what an amazing place."  I have to agree.