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Sayulita EnTOURage was born several years ago under the name Sayulita Diving School. A business originally diving-oriented has now expanded to offer a wider range of experiences to its clients.

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With a FULLY LICENSED and FULLY EQUIPPED 30 foot panga, we organize private whale watching and snorkeling tours around the bay, surfing trips and, of course, diving classes and excursions. We consider wildlife viewing a tremendously exciting experience best shared among small groups of friends. If you are looking for a more intimate setting for your trip, rather than a crowded group excursion, or are after a bit more of attention and dedication during your training, we can definitely fulfill all your needs. Stephane and his crew never fail to satisfy their customers' requests!

At Sayulita enTOURage, you will also find a multi-ethnic team with 4 languages spoken.

We are the result of years of experience and expertise, knowledge of our environment and love of wildlife. Come and join us for an exceptional journey in discovering the natural world.

Please contact us via the form by email or telephone and we look forward to assisting you. You won't be disappointed!

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Great Experience
Had an amazing day with the captain and crew of the Perla. Went to the Murietas to snorkel and had bonus of see a humpback whale and her baby. Highlight of our trip. Book today
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Experienced: December, 2023
Great Experience!
We used Sayulita Entourage for a snorkeling tour of the Marietas Islands and Hidden Beach. It was an amazing experience and the best day of our trip to Sayulita. Palmer was our guide to Hidden Beach and he took great care of us and is a wonderful photographer 😄. This is not a big boat/party tour, thank goodness. This is a small boat/personalized experience with knowledgeable guides in a safe environment. Although we had our own gear, we noticed that the snorkel gear and fins on the boat were in great shape and seemed to be quality equipment. The boat was clean and the team looked after everyone. I don’t usually leave a review unless I can say 100% we would use the company again, and this is for sure the case with Sayulita Entourage. No need to look anywhere else.
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Experienced: July, 2023
Response from Owner/Manager on 07/23/2023

Thank you Gina for finding the time to share your experience, I love you loved it!
Till next time, you all take care.

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Two different experiences
We took this tour two years in a row and they were quite different. Last year we saw many, many whales and this year far fewer. Last year we felt we were on our own snorkeling and this year the guide was great--stayed right with us and pointed out lots of things. This year it was very windy and there were very high waves. The boat went very fast and it was pretty painful. I ended up with a bruised rib from being smashed into the side of the boat.
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Experienced: February, 2023
Fantastic tour of the Marietas islands!
Highly recommended! We loved our trip to the Marietas islands with Entourage. Everything, including the van and tour boat, was clean and the tour was well organized. Our boat captain and snorkelling guide were fun, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable, making sure we saw as many different types of fish and birds as possible and experienced the best the islands have to offer. We also appreciated the dinner Entourage organized with our tour group afterward. We also appreciated that the tour groups were kept small.
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Experienced: December, 2022
Great experience, would definitely return!
From the booking, (refund policy very clearly spelled out), to the shuttle ride to the marina, to the dive boat and dive experience, everything was top notch. Friendly staff, very knowledgeable and wonderful demeanor of Stephane our dive master (the best!) can’t say enough of how good our trip to the Marietta’s was. Highly recommended!!
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Experienced: November, 2022
Beware of Sayulita Entourage!
Beware of Sayulita Entourage! While vacationing with family in Sayulita in July 2022, I booked a scuba dive trip for myself and my daughter and paid in full the day before. Unfortunately, twenty minutes before we were scheduled to arrive at the dive shop, I became very sick. My daughter walked to the dive shop to let them know that we had a medical emergency and would not be able to dive. I subsequently was treated at an Urgent care facility. I kept Entourage informed of my situation including sending them my medical record from the medical clinic. Later, I contacted the owner of Entourage and asked to be rescheduled for a dive later in the week or the following week ( if I had not recovered, I planned to send my other daughter in my place). Other than offering the possibility of a dive with a last-minute cancellation, the owner refused to reschedule or to give a refund. If rescheduled, I offered to pay a compensation fee to support the dive masters on our missed trip. However, the owner considered our situation a cancellation (I thought it was a medical emergency), and she again refused. So, I wrote an email asking her to reconsider and pointed out that customer reviews for most companies are important and that I’d post her cancellation policy in my review. Her attitude was “tough luck you got sick,” and she sent a stream of emails containing bizarre rants, including a veiled threat; “Now after writing what you wrote, do you really want to show up at our office, meet our crew and join our excursion?” (There will probably be a bizarre response to this review). So use Sayulita Entourage at your own risk and understand their “draconian” cancellation policy; don’t get suddenly sick (hard not to get sick in present-day Sayulita), don’t have a heart attack, don’t have to attend to a sick family member, and don’t catch Covid-19 within 24 hours of your excursion because you won’t receive your money back from Sayulita Entourage.
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Experienced: July, 2022
Response from Owner/Manager on 09/01/2022

Here the bizarre response to the customer who cancelled 2 spots last minute and offered 15 usd to compensate the loss and to be rescheduled at his own discretion.
What you called a veiled threat was actually a real question which came after the following message you sent :
“ If you insist on your policy of no refund and no rescheduling, even in the event of a last-minute medical emergency, I will post this email to several social media sites, including The Scuba Board, Tripadviser, and Sayulita Life. I will institute a Chargeback on the Wells Fargo bank Visa card. I will advise the 60 US guests, many of whom are divers, to avoid Entourage in March when they arrive for my Daughters wedding”.
My bizarre rants (what a nice choice of words) were just the answers to your emails.
Even after your not so veiled threat you were offered to replace someone else’s eventual last minute cancellation, which according to what you just said shouldn’t have been a difficult matter (hard not to get sick in the present day-Sayulita, correct?) OR to pay a 20% rescheduling fee, which obviously didn’t work for you since you thought our time and your last minute cancelation were worth 15 usd.
So yes, beware of Sayulita Entourage, they do have a cancelation policy and they actually apply that! What a shock and surprise must be for everyone to read this!

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Wonderful Scuba Experience!
We went diving two days with Christian and crew. They were funny, professional and excellent with our children and us. Our daughter finished her open water dive certification. Our son, 11, went on a discovery dive. He was very nervous, but calmed down thanks to Christian. He had a great experience. My wife and I hadn’t been diving in 20 years and the refresher gave us the confidence and comfort we needed to experience two of this best dives we ever had. Thank you Roberta, Stephan, Christian and crew. We look forward to diving with you again. The Roberts Family
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Experienced: July, 2022
Outstanding Day Trip!
I cannot say enough about this trip we took to Hidden Beach/Marietas Islands! The day was fantastic! Our group of 6 (4 were teens) had so much fun! We listened to everything we were told and were prepared and when we got to the entrance to jump and swim in, it all was so fast but so much fun! The island was gorgeous and we got lucky we were the only people there for our 30 minutes. Our guide was so amazing and funny…he had us all cracking up the entire time but was so knowledgeable and thorough. We saw and experienced so much! This is a must! And Roberta was so easy to book with and communicate and also had good advice for other questions we had about our stay in Sayulita. Thank you so very much!!!!
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Experienced: March, 2022
Awesome whale watching
My wife, son & I did a 3-4 hour whale watching excursion in Feb 2022 with Sayulita Entourage. Excellent adventure. Our host was awesome, funny, informative. We saw some whales in the distance, and then towards the end saw the classic humpback whale breach probably 75 feet from the boat. Unbelievably cool! Highly recommend.
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Experienced: February, 2022
Friendly, but dishonest.
We paid for a snorkeling trip and when we arrived at our destination, we were only given masks. No fins or snorkels, if you can imagine. When I was setting this up, I asked the guide if he needed our shoe sizes (3 of us) for the fins. He said 'no' because he has inserts he can put in the fins to make any size. Also, when he sent me the invoice it reads: Snorkeling Full Equipment. There was another couple on our boat with a different guide from Sayulita Entourage and they also only got masks. So, we held our breaths and snorkeled which was uncomfortable for my 11 year old daughter.
When we arrived at the snorkeling spot, I saw the boat captain pull out a snorkel and the other two guides talked and then threw the snorkel back into the place he retrieved it from and then we never saw a snorkel again. Our guide said it was due to COVID that we couldn't use snorkels. WHAT? Sanitize them then. They also have scuba diving trips. I imagine they sanitize those for trips otherwise, how could anyone breath under water without a respirator?
I feel like these guys were really lazy and just didn't clean the snorkels before we got on board or something like that. They were not apologetic and did not offer any small refund.
Foolishly, I left too big of a tip. The other couple gave only a small one which was appropriate.
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Experienced: October, 2021
Response from Owner/Manager on 10/15/2021

Gloria, can you please provide few more details about when you joined our excursion? 2 guides for one snorkeling excursion, no snorkel to snorkel, invoice that says stuff that I never write on the invoice...I am really confused here and wonder if you are writing your concerns to the right operator.
This is Roberta and I am the one in charge of the reservations and this review just doesn’t sound right.

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