Sayuparke - A community Park for Children in Sayulita


A group of Sayulita residents dedicated the creation and upkeep of a permanent playground on the east inside area of the baseball field for everyone in Sayulita to enjoy.

About Sayuparke

Sayuparke made its debut in July of 2014. The park was created for the local children of Sayulita to have a fun and safe place to play. The park was completely organized, planned, funded, designed and built by Sayulita locals and volunteers. With weekly start up meetings for planning, and the financial support from many community members and Sayulita supporters came in, the park was able to commence.

The SayuParke project has allowed a place for local schools to go to for playtime, families and community members to have a safe, positive area to take their kids and it has proven that dreams can come true.

Sayuparke is a labor of love and flourishes by committed volunteers and donors. We always welcome monetary donations to inable continuous work on play structures, upkeep, and maintenance. Community efforts and volunteer retreats/ groups are also encouraged to reach out to Octavia Jolley and inquire on how you may be of service and help. Park hours vary depending on the time of year. The park closes at sunset every evening. Sayuparke is located in a fenced off section of the sports field, the park entrance is on Calle Playa Azul near the corner of AV Del Palmar.

For information on volunteer opportunities and donations, please visit our Facebook page or become a member and commit to a small monthly donation to help make SayuParke the best it can be.


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