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Krista is an energetic personality with an artist’s soul. She is passionate about capturing real emotions and special moments. Doing that, she uses her unbridled creativity in her business, Photos by Krista, which leads to the most amazing pictures. She is the perfect person to hire for your special occasion, wedding, or other event here in Sayulita.
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In my last column I promised you Butter Burgers. Well, I made them last night and did not feel that they were worthy of a column. So today I am sharing with you a recipe for a French Apple Tart. I love the recipes from Jen Segal. Her blog is called “Once Upon a Chef”, and Jen always has great recipes to share. If you have never followed her, I strongly recommend checking out her blog. I made this recipe of hers for a morning coffee party the other day, and it really was a hit. This delicious cake is a perfect sweet treat for a Sayulita evening, afternoon, or even a morning with coffee. All of the ingredients for this cake are available in our Sayulita tiendas.
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Abel- Your Property Manager works here in Sayulita helping residents and homeowners manage their properties, homes, or vacation rentals. There are many important decisions that go with choosing a property manager in Sayulita, thus it is important to choose a person that you can trust and depend on. Abel is that person; he is genuinely passionate about what he does, and he is personally committed to his clients and taking care of their homes as if they were his own. Abel is extremely experienced in property management; he has managed over twenty properties, and has helped numerous local members of the community of Sayulita by taking the stress out of what can seem daunting in finding someone to help manage a home or property. Abel tells me about himself and his business Abel—Your Property Manager.
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As homeowners in an off-the-grid community in Sayulita, Carlos and Alethia have a natural taste for building, taking care of homes and properties, and more generally speaking, “better living.” With Western professionalism and a hint of Mexican flair, you can be assured your home in Sayulita is being attended to in the best possible way when in the hands of Better Living Property Management & Concierge Services.
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I set out with four friends from Sayulita for a Sunset Sail aboard the Velero Viva. As we left Sayulita it was hot, humid and sunny; we were looking forward to getting out on the water. The closer we got to Nuevo Vallarta, there were ominous dark clouds over Banderas Bay, and it looked like rain. Velero Viva is docked at the Puerto Vallarta Yacht Club, which is located in Nuevo Vallarta-- just a quick thirty minute drive from Sayulita. There is ample parking in the underground garage at the adjacent shopping center.
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I recently discovered that creating a tortilla shell from a bacon weave is now my go-to recipe anytime I want a fun and savory breakfast! Yes, it can be more work than preparing your standard or regular bacon and eggs on a lovely Sayulita weekend morning, but I love this recipe so much that I don’t mind the extra couple of steps it requires to make. All the ingredients for this breakfast burrito are readily and easily available in almost all of our Sayulita tiendas.
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Have you ever eaten or made fish “en papillote”? I hadn’t until a recent trip to Tonela, where just by luck we happened upon a restaurant that had it on the menu! I fell in love with the wonderful, delicate, and flavorful fish so much that we went the next day so that I could order it again. I had to figure out how to be able to make this dish at home in Sayulita so that we could enjoy it. I was delighted to find out that this is one of the simplest meals to make, and can be prepared with a nice filet of white fish or even salmon. No need to turn on a hot oven in our humid Sayulita climate. This fish cooks beautifully on your barbecue or grill—a perfect meal on a hot Sayulita summer day.
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A few days before I had planned to do an interview with new business Fix-Boyz Sayulita, my cell-phone screen shattered into bits and broke to the point of no return. Oh the irony! It was a Sunday afternoon, and I of course was freaking out as a busy work week was about to begin. Like many people, I rely heavily on my phone for communication with work and friends, so I was stressing out about what to do for the fastest and most effective solution. After making a call to the Fix-Boyz Sayulita, they went above and beyond to accommodate my needs and opened the store just to help me out, even though they were closed that day. Thus, I ended up going to Fix-Boyz Sayulita not just to do the interview, but as a client with an actual phone emergency. I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I was with their service! I dropped off my phone for them to fix, and in just one hour, my phone was completely restored with a new screen; it looked brand new. I couldn’t believe it! The Fix-Boyz Sayulita are truly miracle workers and are the only business in town that offers this kind of service to help with your phone troubles or emergencies.
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El Conejo Comida & Tequila is Sayulita’s hottest new restaurant to have opened in town; officially opening this month of July 2018. With its hidden alleyway entrance, artisan signature Suerte Tequila, the romantic décor, a second floor tasting room, and a beautiful terrace, El Conejo Comida & Tequila has a special, fresh, and desirous appeal; it is Sayulita’s newest hidden gem, and when you find it, you feel like you’ve been let in on special secret. When you enter El Conejo Comida & Tequila it feels cool, clean, hip, and fun. It is without a doubt going to become the new go-to place to meet up for drinks and delicious food in Sayulita.
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In 2007, Irving Fierro, a Mexican native, traveled from Mexico City to Sayulita, and upon first arriving here in Sayulita he never left. From his early time in Sayulita until now, Irving worked in several different tourism related jobs before landing on Pure Home Deep Cleaning Services. Pure Home Deep Cleaning Services in Sayulita seems to fit Irving like a glove, as serving people is what he likes and does best. Pure Home Deep Cleaning Services in Sayulita is a local company that provides safe, effective, and professional deep cleaning services for your home or auto here in Sayulita. Today, I talk with Irving about his zest and enthusiasm for life, his business, Pure Home Deep Cleaning Services, and his love for our Pueblo Magico, Sayulita.