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Destination Wedding Experts- Chic Concepts

Sayulita and its surrounding area is perfect for a destination wedding. Sayulita is a busy little town, yet manages to maintain a local charm. With a number of scenic bays or vistas to choose from, it’s an ideal destination for unforgettable wedding moments. In addition, the nearby Puerto Vallarta airport makes it especially convenient for both bride and groom and guests. There are endless possibilities when it comes to resorts, hotels, or more unique boutique-style locations that will be happy to cater to making the wedding of your dreams come true. Tamara and Patricia of Chic Concepts have over a decade of experience in planning weddings, and they are dedicated to bringing your unique and special wedding vision to life.

Tamara, tell us a little about the history of the brand. Where did Chic Concepts begin?

Chic Concepts Mexico started eight years ago when we, Tamara and Patricia, became business partners. We had been planning for more than ten years in separate companies and wanted to create a new company that focused on the brides’ and grooms’ wedding dream, no matter what the budget. We love to create weddings that celebrate families. We truly listen to each couple and have been planning weddings happily every since.

Patricia, if a bride and groom come to Chic Concepts wanting a custom destination wedding, what is the process like?

First, we will ask the couple to give us their basic wedding ideas and their budget. Then, we send them a basic wedding plan and budget with referrals from past couples. Once they officially book our service, we start to customize each detail via email, Skype, and in person. Normally the planning can take a few weeks to a few months, depending on how detailed the wedding is. We then will meet the week of the wedding to review the location space and details, have a rehearsal the day prior, and are on-site with the couple the entire wedding day. We want each couple to enjoy their wedding day to the fullest, so we will keep them on track with all details to make sure stress levels are kept as minimal as possible.

How do you, Tamara and Patricia, communicate with the bride and groom to plan the wedding?

Each couple is different, however most of the time we will plan via email, and periodically via Skype video-calls. If the couple is in Sayulita, we can set up productive meetings in person, and do location site inspections. Depending on the couple, we can use file sharing and group chats too. We have a “wedding file” for every couple that we use to keep everything organized. After every conversation, we update the wedding file and we will send it to the couple with the latest information. It helps couples to stay on track, and to make sure everything gets done.

What are the main characteristics of a good wedding planner?

The main characteristics of a good wedding planner are diverse. First, it’s important to be extremely organized and to be able to handle a high level of stress. Furthermore, one needs to have good people skills. Equally important is having patience, great accounting skills, being a strong leader, and to be able to step into any role at any time and adapt (MC, florist, carrying boxes, dressing tables, etc.). Also, being a wedding planner is often not a nine to five job. At Chic Concepts we often work long hours, so a good wedding planner will be able to handle this.

What are the most unusual or unique wedding day features you have ever dealt with?

We had a wedding where the couple wrote a personalized note to each and every one of their one hundred guests. This required a lot of advanced planning, but nevertheless became an amazing and unexpected detail that created such a memorable wedding for their guests. On another occasion, we had wedding gifts replaced with charitable donations, which was a lovely initiative.

Are there any cliches or things you as a wedding planner would rather avoid?

We are always open to all ideas a couple may have. However, couples sometimes underestimate the amount of planning and work some parts of a wedding cost. To save money, they want to bring in family and friends to help, not realizing there are a lot of details involved, such as the set up, following a schedule, making sure they have all the required equipment, breaking down items after the wedding is over, etc. If these are not handled correctly, it can cause disorganization. Therefore, we try to use only professional providers/vendors for any service. Even though we always try to work with all wishes and ideas, we are upfront about the pros and cons involved.

Patricia, what is your absolute favorite part of a wedding day?

My favorite part of the wedding is seeing the couple exchange their vows during the ceremony; it is such a beautiful moment, and after many months of planning with each couple, I feel like part of the family, so that is a special part of the day for me. It is the crown on my work, so to speak.

Tamara, what wedding trends do you expect to be big for 2019?

The option for hosting an eco-conscious wedding is becoming very popular. For example, couples have been asking us to use locally sourced flowers rather than costly imported ones. Organic foods, Fair Trade designer dresses, and zero-waste (or less waste) concepts, are all examples of eco-conscious aspects of a popular 2019 wedding trend.

If you want the destination wedding of your dreams to come true here in Sayulita, contact Tamara and Patricia from Chic Concepts today to get started planning and bringing your unique vision to life!



*Written by: Inge Poell