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Back in February of 2008, in deeply cold and snowy Canada, my partner and I decided we needed a good place to get away to warm up. Barra de Navidad in Mexico was our first destination of choice, having known many people from years past who had enjoyed the sun and laid-back attitude there. But alas, we had left too late, and by the time we arrived, crash crowds had filled up the town. Another friend of ours then suggested we try a different west-coast Mexican town, Sayulita, telling us that it had a similar vibe to what we were looking for. Well, the rest is history. Ever since then, I can say I am now thoroughly and happily a part of the community of Sayulita, with all of its vicissitudes. And I am staying!
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MexiTreks in Sayulita offers clients fun jungle hikes, sea kayaking, snorkeling tours, and more, here in both Sayulita and its surrounding areas. However, more than just a tour company, MexiTreks prides themselves on taking the opportunity to educate their guests about our local ecosystems and environmental preservation. Eddie Ochoa, owner of MexiTreks, shares with me his passion for what he and his company get to do here in Sayulita, how he gets to influence others in teaching about environmental awareness, and how he spreads his message for respecting nature through the work his company does in the community.
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I first discovered Sayulita about 25 years ago. I was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, and I have been coming to Sayulita all of my life. Back then, it wasn’t as popular as it is now, but it was and is still just as beautiful. My brother and I both love surfing, and we had been told that Sayulita had a great beach and excellent waves for surfers, so we decided to check it out. That is how we made our first trip to Sayulita and discovered its magic. Now I live in California and I visit Sayulita twice a year. I have traveled all around the area, from Vallarta to Compostela. I also camped with my family in Chacala, as well as visited Guayabitos, Las Peñita, and San Pancho. However, nothing can compare to Sayulita! I always look forward to my trips; there’s no way I would ever change my vacation to go somewhere else except Sayulita!
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On Thursday, April 11th, 2019, the emissor pipe was successfully installed to the newly upgraded wastewater treatment plant in Sayulita. The Gobernador Antonio Echevarria Garcia, the Presidente Municipal de Bahia de Banderas, Jaime Cuevas, and the director of the CEA (Nayarit’s potable water authority), Martha Patricia Urenda Delgado were at the treatment plant yesterday, on April 16th, to tour and inaugurate the newly upgraded and fully functioning plant and emissor. Sayulita is now the only beach town in the area that does not dump grey water directly onto the beach. Many people turned out today to tour the plant and grounds, and it was great to see everyone involved in the process. There was also a noticeable lack of odor at the plant, which was a pleasant experience. The government of Nayarit also tested the water quality and the latest test results showed between 10 and 20 NMP / 100 ml enterococci, which is well below the 200 NMP / 100 ml limit set by the government for safe swimming.
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I usually consider myself a pretty fit and healthy person; living in Sayulita, it’s easy to have a very active lifestyle since we spend so much of our days outdoors. For example, I can walk everywhere, I take my dog on runs through the jungle quite often, I surf, and I dance. For these reasons, I had convinced myself that I didn’t need to go to a gym to get a good workout, since I had ways to be active. Therefore, it had been a long time since I had stepped foot inside an actual gym, so I was a bit out of my comfort zone when I decided to try the revolution cycle class at SayulitaFit. After taking this class, I realized I was wrong; there are so many added benefits to being a part of a group workout experience that you simply can’t get just from being active on your own. The revolution cycle class is so much fun, and a really fierce workout. The dance style music, the dark room with neon lighting, and the vivacious energy from the instructor, all makes you feel like you are in a nightclub, not in a gym. You forget you’re “working out” until the end when you realize how sore your legs are. This class left me barely able to walk afterwards, but oh, the burn felt so good!
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My wife, Heidi, and I are about half time in Sayulita, and half time in Durango, Colorado. I’m in Durango as I write this story about our journey to Sayulita. I first came to Sayulita over 11 years ago (around 2007). One of my best friends was getting married at the time, and he wanted to do a surf camp for his bachelor party. It was going to be in April, and he was looking at both Florida and the San Diego/Baja area as possible places to go. Most of us were coming from Colorado, and both Florida and California had its positives and negatives as a potential location. I had recently seen an article about Sayulita in the New York Times Travel section, and the article described Sayulita as a chill, surf /fishing village, with an easy-going, bohemian feel, just North of Puerto Vallarta.
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I have been following the ketogenic lifestyle these days for all of my meals, and one of the things I have missed the most is French Fries. I discovered that jicama, available in almost every tienda here in Sayulita, makes the most delicious French Fries! Thus, I am no longer having cravings for a good batch of crispy fries. These jicama fries are really simple to make; I highly recommend that you try them. Serve them with mayo on the side for a tasty dip. Let me know how you like them!
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Whether on vacation, or if you live in the area part or full time, choosing a hospital for yourself or your loved ones is something you want to do with great care. Whether seeking emergency treatment, general or plastic surgery, or high tech fertility treatments, locals, visitors, and expatriates can expect to receive high quality and compassionate healthcare at Punta Mita Hospital. Since founded in June 2017, Punta Mita Hospital is without a doubt an efficient and unequaled healthcare provider with best-in-class life-saving equipment and the finest emergency response team on the Pacific Coast, to a medical center that now offers and provides total solutions from every aspect. Here, we highlight the latest, possibly life saving, updates and changes at the hospital.
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Hello readers! I thought it would be a good time to formally introduce myself to all of you so you have an idea of who the person is behind the scenes sending you the Sayulero each week! My name is Aanya Sheikh-Taheri; I am a 32 year old writer, poet, teacher at Costa Verde, surfer, dancer, dog lover, and traveler. I grew up in Redmond, a suburb just outside of Seattle, Washington. My father was born and raised in Iran, and was the first generation from his family to immigrate to the United States at the young age of 17 in order to pursue an education and a better life. Because I grew up in a multicultural home and traveled to Iran in my first abroad trip at just 12 years old, I developed a deep love and appreciate early in my life for learning about other cultures around the world. I first discovered Sayulita in 2015 when a friend recommended it to me as a great place for a solo traveler to go that was looking for a place that would revive and brighten their soul. And that is exactly what I found.
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Sayulita and its surrounding area is perfect for a destination wedding. Sayulita is a busy little town, yet manages to maintain a local charm. With a number of scenic bays or vistas to choose from, it’s an ideal destination for unforgettable wedding moments. In addition, the nearby Puerto Vallarta airport makes it especially convenient for both bride and groom and guests. There are endless possibilities when it comes to resorts, hotels, or more unique boutique-style locations that will be happy to cater to making the wedding of your dreams come true. Tamara and Patricia of Chic Concepts have over a decade of experience in planning weddings, and they are dedicated to bringing your unique and special wedding vision to life.