Suzanne: “Why I Made the Move to Sayulita”- Stories From Readers

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Suzanne: “Why I Made the Move to Sayulita”- Stories From Readers

Back in February of 2008, in deeply cold and snowy Canada, my partner and I decided we needed a good place to get away to warm up. Barra de Navidad in Mexico was our first destination of choice, having known many people from years past who had enjoyed the sun and laid-back attitude there. But alas, we had left too late, and by the time we arrived, crash crowds had filled up the town. Another friend of ours then suggested we try a different west-coast Mexican town, Sayulita, telling us that it had a similar vibe to what we were looking for. Well, the rest is history. Ever since then, I can say I am now thoroughly and happily a part of the community of Sayulita, with all of its vicissitudes. And I am staying!

I bought my house in Sayulita around five years ago in 2014, after finding it hard to find places to rent for long term. This was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I have done quite a bit of work on the home over the years, and now all of my many friends just love it! I live in Sayulita part-time, for five months out of every year, as summers in my home-town in Canada are a time not to be missed! Over my years here in Sayulita, I have spent countless hours as secretary for Pro Sayulita, and I have been instrumental in helping to organize numerous fundraising fiestas or other events. I also work with the SayulitAnimals clinic, and I participate in street and beach cleanups. Volunteerism has always been part of my life, and I find it so easy to become a part of that vast culture here in our pueblo.

Because I have no immediate family back home in Canada, I have been very lucky while living here to be adopted of sorts as part of a Mexican family. They have helped me out immensely. I’ve met so many different people here in Sayulita that I also keep in touch with when I am in Canada. As a gardener, I love my tropical garden I have at my home here, and have learned so much from Carlos, my jardinero. There are so many different things I love about Sayulita or that I find “magic” in, but watching the sunsets from La Sirena’s, the fish and sushi from Tierra Viva restaurant, the enchiladas from Emilianos, the fish tacos from Purillos, and the ladies’ nights on Tuesdays at Frente al Punto are some of my favorites! I also love swimming at Playa Los Muertos, going to Micki’s zumba classes, and zipping around town in my golf cart. I have traveled with MexEco tours in Bucerias, and so I find Sayulita an easy starting place to get the chance to see many other neighboring parts of Mexico.

Overall, living part-time in Sayulita each year has brought me comfort, opportunity, and many, many good friends, all of which I am supremely grateful for.


*Written and submitted by: Suzanne Gravelle