Governor of Nayarit Asks People to Stay Home — Vigilantes Volunteers Help Enforce

Governor of Nayarit Asks People to Stay Home — Vigilantes Volunteers Help Enforce

An official release from the governor of the state of Nayarit has asked tourists to not travel during what normally is Sayulita’s busiest time of year, “Semana Santa”, or Spring/Easter break. 

Sayulita’s volunteer group, the Gavilanes Vigilantes, have taken safety measures into their own hands and have been patrolling the entrance and exit to and from Sayulita. They have created checkpoints in order to ensure that state safety protocols are being enforced, that tourists are not entering the pueblo, and people are staying home.

In addition to our April donation, made an additional $5,000 donation to this incredible group of volunteers to help keep our village safe. We encourage readers to donate and visit their FaceBook Page. 

The Vigilantes released an official statement online highlighting their purpose: “As a measure of immediate action in the absence of a response of action by the corresponding authorities, thinking of our people, we are analyzing the option of closing accesses to Sayulita, & implementing filters for entry and exit control. We know that it may seem a drastic and decisive decision for many, but as a group committed to our people, we firmly believe that it is the best decision to face the prevention of the spread of this virus that is causing a lot of damage throughout the world.”

We thank the Vigilantes for helping to keep our community safe & protected. We know in the long run that this is the best thing for our pueblo, so that we can bounce back as fast as possible once this all passes.

If you would like to help the Vigilantes, there are many ways to do so. One, is by becoming a volunteer! Another way to help is by donating food or drinks to support the Vigilantes who are working long and tiring shifts to protect our community. To donate food or other items, or to inquire about volunteering directly, please visit their check point station at the entrance to the pueblo near the gas station. To send monetary donations, please do so through PayPal.