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Cruising the colorful, cobblestone streets of Sayulita? Leave the car behind, and take a Nava Golf Cart instead! Coming from other countries to visit Sayulita, we're often not used to the sight of golf carts buzzing around town on the roads. However, the novelty of this convenient and eco-friendly way of transport is appealing and part of what gives Sayulita its relaxed, fun, and small town charm. Who doesn't want to hop on their own golf cart heading to the beach, and feel the soft Sayulita breeze through your hair? Venture out into Sayulita's picturesque streets with ease, by renting a golf cart through Nava Golf Carts. The golf carts will be dropped off when and where requested, while one of Nava Golf Cart’s enthusiastic and bilingual employees will personally take the time to show you how to use and plug them in, no matter how late you may arrive from you flight.
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Krista is an energetic personality with an artist’s soul. She is passionate about capturing real emotions and special moments. Doing that, she uses her unbridled creativity in her business, Photos by Krista, which leads to the most amazing pictures. She is the perfect person to hire for your special occasion, wedding, or other event here in Sayulita.
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The humpback whales that visit Sayulita each year, for many, are part of the true magic of the area. Each winter, usually in mid-November, the large and charismatic North Pacific humpback whales are spotted swimming down the Sayulita coast, announcing their presence by their signature blows or breaching as they travel, and assembling in large numbers to breed and calve. By the end of December to around the start of February, the number of whales that you may encounter on a boat trip from Sayulita can be astounding. However, in the latest U.S. Government’s NOAA global review of the species’ status in 2016, the population of Mexican humpback whales was classified as “threatened”, and for those that swim through Nayarit waters and continue on down to Central America were labeled as “endangered”.
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Abel- Your Property Manager works here in Sayulita helping residents and homeowners manage their properties, homes, or vacation rentals. There are many important decisions that go with choosing a property manager in Sayulita, thus it is important to choose a person that you can trust and depend on. Abel is that person; he is genuinely passionate about what he does, and he is personally committed to his clients and taking care of their homes as if they were his own. Abel is extremely experienced in property management; he has managed over twenty properties, and has helped numerous local members of the community of Sayulita by taking the stress out of what can seem daunting in finding someone to help manage a home or property. Abel tells me about himself and his business Abel—Your Property Manager.
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I set out with four friends from Sayulita for a Sunset Sail aboard the Velero Viva. As we left Sayulita it was hot, humid and sunny; we were looking forward to getting out on the water. The closer we got to Nuevo Vallarta, there were ominous dark clouds over Banderas Bay, and it looked like rain. Velero Viva is docked at the Puerto Vallarta Yacht Club, which is located in Nuevo Vallarta-- just a quick thirty minute drive from Sayulita. There is ample parking in the underground garage at the adjacent shopping center.
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El Conejo Comida & Tequila is Sayulita’s hottest new restaurant to have opened in town; officially opening this month of July 2018. With its hidden alleyway entrance, artisan signature Suerte Tequila, the romantic décor, a second floor tasting room, and a beautiful terrace, El Conejo Comida & Tequila has a special, fresh, and desirous appeal; it is Sayulita’s newest hidden gem, and when you find it, you feel like you’ve been let in on special secret. When you enter El Conejo Comida & Tequila it feels cool, clean, hip, and fun. It is without a doubt going to become the new go-to place to meet up for drinks and delicious food in Sayulita.
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From the moment that you walk into OZean Grill & Bar in Sayulita, you feel that open, relaxed, and friendly vibe that you would expect from a surf town like Sayulita— a perfect mix between ambiance, architecture and service that reflect as a preamble to the dishes that you are going to experience at this beautiful location. Starting from the second that you are walking towards your table, you find yourself facing the crystal wine cellar full of top-quality wines from around the world. When you sit at your table you can feel the gentle breeze coming from the fans surgically positioned around the restaurant, so you forget about the heat outside. You then take a deep breath and look upwards to find the beautiful, over-sized wooden chandeliers hanging from the glass ceiling 10 meters above you; based on these impressions, you know that the food that you will experience at OZean Grill & Bar in Sayulita is going to be anything but average.
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The Tequila Experience Sayulita first began in 2017, and now is a thriving professional tequila tasting service which arranges private tastings in Sayulita for any occasion for groups or even individuals. The Tequila Experience Sayulita is unique because it only uses high-quality, artisanal, 100% Blue Agave tequila produced from small, local manufacturers, so you get to taste tequilas that are not only rich and luxurious, but absolutely delicious! Geovani, the leader and owner of Tequila Experience Sayulita is incredibly friendly, fun, knowledgeable, and makes his guests feel comfortable and at ease. 
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When we think about Sayulita, Mexico, we tend to think about the beach, the sun, the vibrant colors, the laid-back and idyllic style of paradise living, and maybe one other thing in particular: tequila! I mean, how can we be in Mexico and not explore all of the wonderful varieties and flavors of Mexico’s infamous native liquor? Agave Liquors in Sayulita helps us to explore exactly that!
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Meet Melissa and Carlos, husband and wife, who are just as committed to their marriage as they are to documenting your special day through their photography businesses: Car and Mel Photography. What Car and Mel photography does best is that they truly capture those emotion-filled moments on your special day—whether it be a wedding or another special occasion. I talk with Melissa and Carlos about how they started in this business and what makes them unique in wedding photography.