El Conejo Comida & Tequila in Sayulita— A Blend of Surf Flavors & Signature Suerte Tequila

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El Conejo Comida & Tequila in Sayulita— A Blend of Surf Flavors & Signature Suerte Tequila

El Conejo Comida & Tequila is Sayulita’s hottest new restaurant to have opened in town; officially opening in July 2018. With its hidden alleyway entrance, artisan signature Suerte Tequila, the romantic décor, a second floor tasting room, and a beautiful terrace, El Conejo Comida & Tequila has a special, fresh, and desirous appeal; it is Sayulita’s newest hidden gem, and when you find it, you feel like you’ve been let in on a special secret. When you enter El Conejo Comida & Tequila it feels cool, clean, hip, and fun. It is without a doubt going to become the new go-to place to meet up for drinks and delicious food in Sayulita.

I spoke with Vanessa, one of the owners and partners of El Conejo Comida & Tequila about the vision for the restaurant, as well as what makes their restaurant and signature tequila, Suerte Tequila, unique and fresh.

What is the concept for El Conejo Comida & Tequila, and what makes it a unique spot in Sayulita?

We are a restaurant, bar, event venue, and tequila tasting room all in one. The people of Sayulita can come here and enjoy craft tequila cocktails, unique recipes, curated tequila tastings, or arrange for private events such as family gatherings, birthdays, weddings, rehearsal dinners, etc. Our cuisine is definitely something that makes El Conejo stand apart from other restaurants in Sayulita. Additionally, we have our own signature brand of Tequila, Suerte Suerte Tequila is a true small-batch craft tequila. It is made from 100% Blue Weber Agave at Suerte’s own distillery (NOM 1530) in Atotonilco el Alto, which is about two hours East of Guadalajara. The agave are slow roasted and crushed with a Tahona (check out the Tahona replica upstairs) to produce a delicious, sipping tequila. We feature a full line of Suerte Tequilas; we have a Blanco,  a Reposado, an Añejo, and an Extra Añejo.

What is the cuisine like and how is it different from other restaurants in Sayulita?

First, we specialize in Mexican flavors, but with influences from some of the best and favorite surf spots in the world, such as Hawaii, South East Asia, Indonesia, etc. You see this reflected in our menu concept and options. For example, the menu is casual contemporary with fusion items like the Thai Chorizo tacos, Arrachera Noodle Bowl, Banh Mi Torta, and Achiote Chicken Fried Rice. Also, of course we specialize in our signature tequila brand, Suerte Tequila, which you cannot find anywhere else in Sayulita. All of our delicious craft cocktails feature our Suerte Tequila.

Why did you decide to open El Conejo in Sayulita? What was the inspiration?

​Two of the owners of Suerte Tequila live in the U.S. but have been coming to Sayulita to surf for years.  Lance Sokol is from Mexico City and Laurence Spiewak is from Philly, but they met in Boulder Colorado. My partners and I moved to Sayulita in October 2017 to begin plans to open El Conejo Comida & Tequila. We wanted a tasting room and restaurant concept for Suerte to help further spread the word about our amazing tequila, and we wanted it to be in a place we all love. We thought we could reach a lot more people from many different places around the world here in Sayulita, due to it being such a popular destination.

What can guests expect when they come to El Conejo Comida & Tequila?

Guests can expect delicious food, specialty and exclusive drinks, attentive service, lively ambiance, and thoughtful, modern Mexican decor. ​

What are the hours and days that El Conejo Restaurant & Bar is open?

​We are open seven days a week from 3:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m. (We stay open until 11:00 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays). We will be open for lunch starting in October. ​Our happy hour is seven days a week from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., featuring $25 peso tacos, $60 peso caballitos of all of our tequila, and $25 peso beers.

Is there anything else you want the people of Sayulita to know about El Conejo Comida & Tequila or Suerte Tequila?

We want our space to be one for the community. Locals and tourists alike will always feel welcome here. We have committed to being as impact free as possible on the environment by not using any single-use plastics, such as straws, plastic bottles, and plastic bags. We have a water filtration system throughout the property, so you can even drink out of the bathroom sinks if you want to! We also have a secondary purification system for our reusable glass water bottles that provides flat and sparkling water.

After visiting El Conejo Comida & Tequila, I can honestly say for myself that this place is totally different from other dining options in Sayulita. The cool and modern décor, and fresh, hip vibe, combined with the hidden alleyway entrance already make El Conejo Comida & Tequila feel sort of secretive and seductive, but the fusion of Mexican and Asian flavors in the food provide El Conejo Comida & Tequila a very different concept and something that Sayulita hasn’t really seen much of. The addition of their very own signature Suerte Tequila, the tequila tasting room, and the private events space make El Conejo Comida & Tequila incredibly versatile and the perfect option for so many different occasions. Find El Conejo Comida & Tequila in the alley next to Oxxo on Avenida Revolucion. Trust me—El Conejo Comida & Tequila will be your new favorite place to meet your friends and family for a night out in Sayulita.