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Florence Events, a family owned, brand-new luxury event venue here in Sayulita, aims to cater to all of your special event needs to make your vision become a reality. With beautiful views, comfortable accommodations, and a modern and clean style, Florence Events is the perfect choice when planning your event here in Sayulita. I talk with the owner of Florence Events to find out why Florence is the right space to choose, and what makes it unique.
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In my last column I promised you a recipe for a yummy, Fresh Strawberry Cake. I made it a week ago, and my taste testers said that it was the BEST they had ever eaten! Now if that isn’t a good reason to go into your Sayulita kitchen and bake this up right now, I surely don’t know what is! Fresh strawberries are almost always available at most of the local fruterias in town. Here is the recipe; I am sure that you will love it as much as my taste testers did. This is actually a recipe from my favorite food blogger, Once Upon a Chef, Jenn Segal.
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The old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” still rings true today and stands the test of time for a reason. Photos have the magical and beautiful ability to preserve memories, tell a story, or capture moments that are fleeting; in essence, photos make all aspects of this impermanent life, permanent. Jenn Farmer, professional photographer in Sayulita, offers a wide range of photography services, whether you are a local business that needs brand photos, or you are visiting Sayulita and you want something to remember your time here, or you’re a family that wants to capture your love and moments together. Jenn is extremely experienced and very talented at what she does; I talk with Jenn and she tells me more about her passion for photography and the types of photos she has the most expertise in.
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Many people come to the paradise of Sayulita for their special events, such as weddings, family reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. There is no better way to pamper yourself on your important day than to treat yourself to professional hair and makeup services. Jenn Chivers, professional hair and makeup stylist in Sayulita, has years of experience in the field and specializes in getting you picture-perfect for your special occasion in Sayulita, whatever that day may be!
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Sayulita is known for many special things, one of them being the strong culture of creative arts and creative expression that exists in our community. In Sayulita we are lucky to have such a diverse range of skilled musical artists to share their gift with us. Local Sayulita resident Ryan Webb is not only a great husband and soon to be father, but a talented musician and DJ, who also somehow finds time to give back to the community. DJ Webb graces the stage in many of our local venues and bars. Ryan tells me about his DJ’ing, his passion for music, and how this led him to pursue it as a hobby.
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Sayulita and its surrounding area is perfect for a destination wedding. Sayulita is a busy little town, yet manages to maintain a local charm. With a number of scenic bays or vistas to choose from, it’s an ideal destination for unforgettable wedding moments. In addition, the nearby Puerto Vallarta airport makes it especially convenient for both bride and groom and guests. There are endless possibilities when it comes to resorts, hotels, or more unique boutique-style locations that will be happy to cater to making the wedding of your dreams come true. Tamara and Patricia of Chic Concepts have over a decade of experience in planning weddings, and they are dedicated to bringing your unique and special wedding vision to life.
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Latcho and Andrea have an infectious energy, both in their music and through their interactions with those they encounter. It is clear even before hearing them play that they are soulful, intuitive, creative, talented, and can read one another like magic. Latcho and Andrea are incredibly passionate about performing their music; they share with me their inspiration behind their unique and sultry sound, the way they work as a duo, and what kind of style of music they enjoy sharing. As they get ready to begin performing regularly again in Sayulita, it is exciting to hear about the irresistible, fun, culturally relevant, and engaging music they create to share with our community.
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Krista is an energetic personality with an artist’s soul. She is passionate about capturing real emotions and special moments. Doing that, she uses her unbridled creativity in her business, Photos by Krista, which leads to the most amazing pictures. She is the perfect person to hire for your special occasion, wedding, or other event here in Sayulita.
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El Conejo Comida & Tequila is Sayulita’s hottest new restaurant to have opened in town; officially opening this month of July 2018. With its hidden alleyway entrance, artisan signature Suerte Tequila, the romantic décor, a second floor tasting room, and a beautiful terrace, El Conejo Comida & Tequila has a special, fresh, and desirous appeal; it is Sayulita’s newest hidden gem, and when you find it, you feel like you’ve been let in on special secret. When you enter El Conejo Comida & Tequila it feels cool, clean, hip, and fun. It is without a doubt going to become the new go-to place to meet up for drinks and delicious food in Sayulita.
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Meet Melissa and Carlos, husband and wife, who are just as committed to their marriage as they are to documenting your special day through their photography businesses: Car and Mel Photography. What Car and Mel photography does best is that they truly capture those emotion-filled moments on your special day—whether it be a wedding or another special occasion. I talk with Melissa and Carlos about how they started in this business and what makes them unique in wedding photography.