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SPATCHCOCK CHICKEN you say!? What does “spatchcock” mean to us home cooks? "While the indirect grill and rotisserie methods are great for roasting a whole chicken, nothing can beat the flame-charred smokiness of chicken pieces grilled directly over a fire. There is a way to do this and I learned it in one of the world's most unlikely barbecue destinations: Paris. The technique is spatchcocking and it looks as theatrical as it sounds. You cut out the backbone and open the bird flat, like a book. This makes the whole chicken thin enough to grill directly over the fire." —Steven Raichlen, “How To Grill”
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The Tequila Experience Sayulita first began in 2017, and now is a thriving professional tequila tasting service which arranges private tastings in Sayulita for any occasion for groups or even individuals. The Tequila Experience Sayulita is unique because it only uses high-quality, artisanal, 100% Blue Agave tequila produced from small, local manufacturers, so you get to taste tequilas that are not only rich and luxurious, but absolutely delicious! Geovani, the leader and owner of Tequila Experience Sayulita is incredibly friendly, fun, knowledgeable, and makes his guests feel comfortable and at ease. 
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When we think about Sayulita, Mexico, we tend to think about the beach, the sun, the vibrant colors, the laid-back and idyllic style of paradise living, and maybe one other thing in particular: tequila! I mean, how can we be in Mexico and not explore all of the wonderful varieties and flavors of Mexico’s infamous native liquor? Agave Liquors in Sayulita helps us to explore exactly that!
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Sandra Vazquez is a local Mexican artist who uses natural materials and high-quality craftsmanship to create one-of-a-kind, handmade arts and crafts that reflect Mexican folklore and ethnic style. Her pieces are playful, colorful, whimsical, and vibrant. While her primary revenue comes from the sale of her products as wedding favors or keepsakes, she also sells her art as gifts, souvenirs, or for home décor accents. I talk with Sandra about her passion behind her creations and her background which led her to pursue her online business, Mexikan Art Studio.
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Have you ever looked at a label of an item at a grocery store and read the list of ingredients? How surprised were you by all of the names that you did not recognize? All too often, we see ingredients in our food that sound like something you’d use in a chemistry lab experiment. These same foods with ingredients we can’t even pronounce sometimes end up on menus in restaurants. However, at Veggie Land, one of Sayulita’s newest restaurants which opened in 2017, you can be assured that all of the ingredients used in their menu are natural, real, and fresh. At Veggie Land, they use simply wholesome, healthy, and raw ingredients combined with local produce to create healthy dining options for our community of Sayuilta.
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Meet Melissa and Carlos, husband and wife, who are just as committed to their marriage as they are to documenting your special day through their photography businesses: Car and Mel Photography. What Car and Mel photography does best is that they truly capture those emotion-filled moments on your special day—whether it be a wedding or another special occasion. I talk with Melissa and Carlos about how they started in this business and what makes them unique in wedding photography.
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It is a sleepy, sunny, Saturday afternoon. The sky is blue without a single cloud. The heat is pulsing, glaring, and bouncing off the cobblestone streets in blurry waves. I arrive at Don Pedro’s around 1:00 p.m. It is busy, but not overwhelmingly so. I am immediately struck by a feeling of tranquility and refreshment. The restaurant has a beautiful thatched palapa-style design, which offers seating indoors but with an open-air concept, meaning you are still able to see the main beach no matter where you sit, and a wonderful breeze flows through the restaurant.
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Origenes Interior, nestled next to Naty’s Kitchen on Marlin Street, is Sayulita’s newest store from designer and owner David Luna and his business partner Pepe Kabande. Origenes Interior is David and Pepe’s third store they have opened here in Sayulita over the last four years; their first two stores proved to be very successful, but David and Pepe wanted to open Origenes Interior because it has its own unique concept which makes it stand apart from their previous stores.