Sayulita Legends: Chilly Willy

Sayulita Legends: Chilly Willy

Name: Felipe de Jesus Hernandez

What is your nickname? What does it mean?

My nickname, Chilly Willy, has a meaningful family origin. It stems from my grandfather, Feliciano Estrada Chavarin, who was affectionately known as Doctor Chilly in our town. He was a renowned healer, often referred to as a shaman, and possessed a strong character that earned him the nickname “El Chile.” His extensive knowledge of medicinal plants and his dedication to helping people made him highly respected within the community.

Where are you from? 

I am originally from Sayulita.

Do you have a business in Sayulita?

I specialize in providing ecological tours, Chilly Willy Hiking Tours. With a deep passion for nature and a commitment to preserving the beauty of Sayulita, I have dedicated myself to offering ecological tours that not only showcase the stunning landscapes but also promote sustainable practices. As an environmental guardian, I actively work towards protecting the local ecosystem, raising awareness about conservation efforts, and educating visitors about the importance of preserving the natural environment. I strive to foster a deeper connection between people and nature while ensuring the long-term well-being of Sayulita’s precious ecological treasures.

Where is your favorite place?

The incredible landscapes of Sierra de Vallejo, a region at the border of the states of Nayarit and Jalisco. The Sierra de Vallejo has been declared a protected natural area by SEMARNAT, making it a sanctuary for many species, some which can only be found in this region.

Do you have a favorite memory? 

One of my favorite memories is from a time when Sayulita thrived on fishing and agriculture. I remember the vibrant sights and sounds of the bustling fishing boats returning to the shore, bringing in their fresh catch of the day. It was a time of close-knit community, where the rhythms of life were dictated by the seasons and the cycles of nature. The memories of those simpler times serve as a reminder of the deep connection Sayulita had with its roots, and it inspires me to honor and preserve the traditions and heritage of the town.

Any story you want to share?

The story of the beach “La Loca,” located below Monkey Mountain, is a mysterious one. Many years ago there was a woman, Enrique Cocula’s mother, who suffered from mental problems. She was confined in her house but one day she managed to escape from the rooftop. She embarked on a journey into the jungle, heading towards Monkey Mountain, but got lost beneath the “Cerro de la Loca” (Crazy Hill). Mysteriously, she disappeared, and it is unknown whether she was attacked by a puma or a jaguar. That’s where the name “La Loca” comes from.

Any local advice?

By taking care of our jungles and oceans, we ensure the preservation of these invaluable habitats for future generations to enjoy.