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Sayulitanimals in Sayulita Mexico

Sayulitanimals Clinic in Sayulita Mexico

Non profit animal welfare organization
Volunteer on vacation to foster animals and help out
Donations always welcome and needed
Stop by our shop on Calle Marlin in front of Sayulita Central Hotel for tee shirts and more
We provide free spay and neuter to any dog or cat
We are always looking for people flying to the US or Canada to escort a dog to its new owner

Sayulitanimals in Sayulita opened its doors February 28, 2009, in response to the overwhelming need for intervention on the part of unwanted street animals.

The organization is based on four key programs with the mission to reduce the population of unwanted dogs and cats, prevent animal suffering and cruelty that comes with overpopulation, as well as to make Sayulita a healthier place for the animals and the community.

The four key programs are:

*Free Spay and Neuter for all dogs and cats

*Adoption and Foster Assistance

*Medical Aid for street animals

*Community Education and Awareness

To use our Spay and Neuter program, give us a call and make an appointment! We offer this service by donation every Wednesday. 

Sayulitanimals is entirely non-profit and 100% reliant on sponsors and donations.

Please note: we are NOT an animal shelter.  Please do not leave unwanted animals at our office as we have no one here to keep them.

For more information, please be sure to check out our SayulitAnimals organization page.


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Amazing what you are doing!
I am so happy for what your non profit has done for the animals in Sayulita! Keep up the amazing work!
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Experienced: March, 2018
Awesome work
Sara does so much for the animals down here and for you to post a negetive remark is sooo wrong. Amanda . The dogs down here are so so docile

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Experienced: June, 2016
You Endanger People with Lies like This
You are lying about the breed of this dog just like some other animal organizations in North America. This is no more a Bulldog mix than I am a Pomeranian. This is 100% PITBULL! Innocent people who don't know their breeds will look up Bulldog and see that it is a docile breed and then this PITBULL will maim a human or kill another dog. This has happened a lot in the last year. Please do the ethical thing and change this listing to reveal the TRUTH!
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Experienced: May, 2016
adopting in sayulita.
sara has made the process of adopting very easy for us. we have adopted 2 dogs and there was no problem having them shipped to the usa thanks again. claudia, and bernardo and princessa
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Experienced: February, 2016
Fantastic Organization!!!!
We have been travelling to Sayulita for 10 years and loved it so much we bought a house down here. We only make it down a few times a year but love Sayulita. We recently decided to adopt a dog from Sayulita and talked to Sara at Sayulitanimals. She made the process so simple. We found the perfect dog for us, Cassie, and spent some time with here while we were in town. I called the airline and let them know we would be bringing a dog home with us, no problem. Sara provided a travel crate, airport check in was a breeze and we had Cassie in her furever home that same day. Truly a very easy process made easier by Sara and Sayulitanimals. I highly recommend donating and/or bringing your next dog or cat home from Sayulitanimals. Thanks so much Sara!!!
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Experienced: November, 2015
I love this organization!
I was introduced to Sayulitanimals via their Facebook page. I knew it was an awesome organization and wanted to support it.
Little did I know that we would fall for and end up fostering and then adopting a little street dog that desperately needed a 'forever' home.
The women at Sayulitanimals were extremely helpful in guiding us through the (easy) process of adopting a dog through their fantastic organization! Thanks so much Tamara!
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Experienced: December, 2013
Wonderful People!
Sara and her team of volunteers are helping the community as much as the animals of Sayulita. If you get an opportunity, please visit Sayulita Animals and see what they do. Also, take a look at their website and see if you can adopt any of the wonderful pets they have available. I adopted one and fostered and found permanent homes for many others.
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Experienced: November, 2013
Excellent organization!
This organization is so important and really helps with the needs of the animal community. They are compassionate and work very hard to improve the lives of the animals in town and to educate the community about animals in their community and surrounding towns.
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Experienced: October, 2008
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Price Range:
Hours of Operations:
9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
We are currently only open on Wednesdays from 9 - 3 for spay and neutering do to COVID.
+52 329-291-3974
(Please mention Sayulita Life)