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La Orca De Sayulita in Sayulita Mexico

La Orca De Sayulita

Whale watch and whale research company
Biologist guides
Fun eco-tours and experience in Sayulita
Respectful of both the animals and whale watching regulations
3 hour whale watching tours
Leaving directly from Sayulita


Sayulita's first pure whale watch and whale research company. We want to offer a non-invasive, environmentally conscious option for whale watching in Sayulita. We are the first people to conduct whale research from the town, and we hope to improve cetacean knowledge in the area to help to better protect and conserve the whales and dolphins of the region. We use our whale watch trips as a platform to conduct research, therefore all our tours leave DIRECTLY from Sayulita beach.

We respect and love whales, and want to share our knowledge and passion. Nico, our main guide, is a zoologist who has worked with whales in 11 locations on five different continents, including 12 seasons in Mexico! She has a MSc in Marine Science and Management and a BSc in Zoology and is teh first to intensively study the whales here, which is part of her current PhD work. All guides are passionate biologists engaged in whale research.

The word "ORCA" in our name "La Orca de Sayulita" is an acronym originating from the following Spanish words... OBSERVA (observe), RESPETA (respect), CONSERVA (conserve) and AYUDA (help).

We want to make sure that whale watching in Sayulita is of a high quality, respectful of both the animals and whale watching regulations, and that some of the money spent on whale watching goes back directly to help the whales! All profits this season are supporting our research in Nayarit for Nico's PhD work.



  • We offer biologist led, 3 hour whale watching tours, leaving directly from the beach in Sayulita 
  • Licenced whale watching boats.
  • Spaces are limited with small groups of 8 people maximum.
  • The guides are experienced biologists engaged in whale research.
  • Free photos are provided from each trip, and light snacks and water are included.
  • A hydrophone, a special marine microphone, is also onboard so that you can hear the whales. 


  • Tours leave at 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM, during Humpback whale season (8th December til 23rd March).
  • Price: Adults: $1400 MXN  Children 6 - 12 years $800 MXN
  • Private tour (up to 8 people) $8000 MXN
  • Payment in American/Canadian dollars/Euros etc. is accepted and will be taken at the value of currency on the day of payment.
  • Children 5 years and under are only suited to private whale watch tours.


We will be whale watching in the area around Sayulita, San Pancho, Litibu and the Pacific side of Punta de Mita, avoiding the tourist crowds of the Bay of Banderas. We believe that the beauty of whale watching is to be respectful of the whales, to respect the whale watching regulations, and to be the only boat for miles!

The whale watching industry in the area is based around humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) migrating to the region each winter. However, we may well also see Bryde's whales (Balaenoptera edeni), gray whales (Eschrichtius robustus), false killer whales (Pseudorca crassidens), orca killer whales (Orcinus orca), bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus), pantropical spotted dolphins (Stenella attenuata) and rough toothed dolphins (Steno bredanensis). Of course being out on the ocean........anything is possible!

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from 12 reviews
Perfect way to end the vacation
We were so happy with the whale watching experience. They were so informative, very respectful of the animals. It was a lovely boat ride and saw lots of whales! (As well as dolphins, manta ray, and sea lion!)
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Experienced: March, 2019
Great Experience
Very informative tour with marine biologists Nico and Molly. We saw 6 Humpback whales, couple of dolphins and flying stingrays. Listening to the whale sounds was amazing! A big thank you to the talented boat driver, Angel, for guiding us over the huge swells. He calls it "dancing with the waves". Hard to find as there is no office. We checked beach several times and were lucky enough to see them returning from a tour and lucky that they had room for us the next morning. Better to book online. Also so nice that photos were included and promptly emailed to us.
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Experienced: February, 2019
The ultimate whale watching experience!
If you are seeking knowledgeable, environmentally conscience experts to take you whale watching, this is the company to go with. The Captain, Angel, born and raised in Banderas bay area, is a competent navigator and knows how to find whales. His son Manual was very pleasant and most excellent with the children. Our guide Estaphan, a biologist, was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about whales and sea life . We found a pod of bottle nose dolphins. It was fun to watch them jumping and playing and especially delightful to see the smiles of the children in our boat. Then we found whales first 3 and then another joined them. It was one of the most exciting experiences of my life as I witnessed two whales breaching at one time. They did that several times. The male thumped his tail fin on the water to impress the females. This numerous times. It was an indescribable experience! All the while Estephan answered questions and took photographs. Take this tour if you can.
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Experienced: February, 2019
A great day out on the water watching whales!
I went with family on a whale watching adventure with La Orca. We were met in the morning by our guides, Molly and Esteban, at the main Sayulita beach front. Both of them were super friendly and enthusiastic. Our boat crew included a local father-son duo who didn't speak much English, but made up for it with personality. The captain, a bowling ball shaped man, sang sea songs as we chugged along looking out into the distance for tails poking out of the water or blow-hole exhalations.

We came across a handful of whales who were not terribly active, which was a little disappointing - there's a lot of waiting in whale watching. Despite that, Esteban and Molly entertained us with interesting facts about whales, they jotted down some data, and lowered some kind of aquatic microphone into the water so we could hear whales singing in the distance (even if we couldn't see them). Either way, it was a beautiful day and we enjoyed being out in the water.

On our way back into shore, we spotted something in the distance. A "crazy whale" was breaching over and over again. We zoomed straight over and caught a really spectacular finale before heading back to land.

It was a great experience overall - I highly recommend booking your whale-watching tours through La Orca!
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Experienced: January, 2019
Not a tourist trap!!
This was amazing. Nico and her staff were very well educated. We had lots of questions and they had tons of answers. Very educational. Boat was only for 8 guests so that was even better, more personalized. They love what they do and it shows.
[Read more]
Experienced: January, 2019
Fantastic Whale Watching and Education!
This was our best outing in Sayulita! Nico and her compadre Esteban, and the captain, made our adventure educational, fun, safe and relaxing. We saw many humpbacks and kept a respectable distance and we enjoyed listening to whale songs. Highly recommend!
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Experienced: December, 2018
Fun trip
We had a great whale watching excursion with La Orca. So nice to leave right from the beach in Sayulita, and Nico is so informative about the area whales. This is not your average whale tour, they are researchers who really know what they are talking about.
Thank you for a great trip!
[Read more]
Experienced: February, 2018
Top notch adventure of learning and seeing remarkable whales and other wildlife
This is a journey not to be missed by anyone who wants to encounter the humpback whales, killer whales, dolphins, manta rays, and pelagic birds of the Nayarit coast, and it is also a rare opportunity to learn about the wildlife from a top notch naturalist who is passionate about marine science. If you're in Sayulita or San Pancho, or anywhere in the area, treat yourself to a trip with La Orca de Sayulita. The boat captains are experienced long-time locals, skilled and knowledgeable about the sea and the environment as well. I enjoyed it so much that I went twice, and several of the other passengers were also repeat adventurers. The journey also offered conservation perspectives, and the proceeds from the tour support research and conservation efforts in the area. It was exciting to see the whales and other wildlife, sometimes up close, and knowing that it was also a genuine "eco-tourism" experience made it all the more satisfying.
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Experienced: February, 2017
Do this!
Best three hours in a boat! Baby whale was a terrific bonus.
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Experienced: January, 2017
Breathtaking - perfect tour
We had an incredible with Nico. Here knowledge was amazing and we got to see a baby humpback taking its first breaths. Both Nico and her driver Angel took great care to show us as much as they could whilst showing complete respect to the animals. We were travelling as a family and their were life jackets for us all - so well thought out. I can't recommend this tour enough - and we would go again in a heart beat.
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Experienced: December, 2016
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