Jul 03 2016

Ed Dorsett with Dorsett Photography in SayulitaEd Dorsett, owner of Dorsett Photography, specializes in real estate and vacation home photography in Sayulita. “A little over two years ago, I started dabbling in real estate photography when I did a photo shoot of a home for Audrey International Consulting. Last year, I realized there was a real need in Sayulita for a real estate photographer with an eye for architecture. So, I decided to focus more on this and upgraded my equipment,” shared Ed.

Ed’s earliest recollection of his passion for photography was at just 9 years old, snapping photos on school field trips. In junior high and high school, he worked as a photographer for the annual yearbook. It was during high school that he took both drafting and his first photography class, learning all the basics, including darkroom techniques. Though he loved photography and architecture, it became more of a hobby as he started a business and was immersed in the responsibilities of being a business owner for twenty-two years.

While pursuing a career change in 2009, still passionate about photography, he started Dorsett Photography in Oregon, focusing primarily on landscape photography.

In May of 2013, while on one of many vacations in Sayulita, contemplating his dream to move to Mexico, an idea struck him. “I was on the beach taking photos of surfers and after a bit of research I realized that there weren’t any local professional surf photographers. I realized I had a talent for it and that’s when the concept of Wicked Fotos Surf Photography came about. By the following year, after months of planning and going through the process of becoming a legally working resident, I was living here full time and working as a photographer,” shared Ed.

Ed continues to take surf photos and general photography of Sayulita which have been featured by Travel + Leisure Magazine, Festival Sayulita, SayulitaLife.com and Sayulita Coastal Properties to name a few. However, he also really enjoys real estate photography and has a natural talent for it. Dorsett Photography has become the creative outlet for his passion for architecture and design. “I’m very precise. I go into a house and make sure that everything is perfect. I am meticulous and notice details, such as an uneven bedspread or a slightly crooked lampshade. I want everything to look aesthetically pleasing,” Ed said.

Ed has photographed numerous vacation homes and rental properties in the area, including the Villa Amor Hotel, Villa Nueva Vida, Casa Sierra and Villa Olivia.

Cheryl Vaughan, a Sayulita local and owner of Casa Campana, expressed her pleasure with Ed’s work in her recent review. “Ed took all the time needed to get wonderful shots of our home. He is knowledgeable about lighting and showing our house in the very best way! I have received many compliments on the work he did and know we have received more rentals this year.”

Ed is very happy to be a resident of Sayulita and supports the community in a variety of ways. Ed is a member of Pro Sayulita, and is a legal resident with a legally registered and tax paying business in Mexico.

Ed offers an exclusive discount to SayulitaLife.com clients.