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The Joy of Floating: More Than Just F...The Joy of Floating: More Than Just Floating
There’s a new business in town, The Joy of Floating, and only just recently had float tanks and the concept of “floating” h...
Live, Love, & Eat in Sayulita: Almond...Live, Love, & Eat in Sayulita: Almond Crusted Pericole
I learned about a new fish this year, at least new to me! I would imagine that it is also new to you. It is called Pericole in Spanish (Blue Parro...
Meet the Chef at Medusa: Gabriel Mira...Meet the Chef at Medusa: Gabriel Miramontes Jacobo
Gabriel Miramontes Jacobo grew up in Puerto Vallarta and first started coming to Sayulita as a small child. He has worked at several well-known re...
JaLu Gallery and Janine KelleherJaLu Gallery and Janine Kelleher
Behold the fabulous art work of Janine Kelleher at her JaLu Gallery /Studio in Sayulita!The concept behind Janine's beautiful ar...
Learn Spanish: To the Streets with Sp...Learn Spanish: To the Streets with Spanish in Sayulita
We have all been that clumsy person, desperately working hands and feet immersing ourselves into a new culture, thus conversation with the locals...
Nicoella Event Design & DJing: An Int...Nicoella Event Design & DJing: An Interview with Nick and Lauren
We managed to steal some precious minutes out of this dynamic duo's tight schedule. Read on, and you will see that Nick and Lauren's ener...
Fishing Sayulita with RegisFishing Sayulita with Regis
Even at the best restaurants in Sayulita, ceviche never quite tastes like it does when it's prepared with your own catch; like a citrusy burst...
Discovering Sayulita and the Street F...Discovering Sayulita and the Street Food of Sayulita
The first time that we heard of Sayulita was about five years ago while sitting in surf lineup off the coast of Palos Verdes in Southern Californi...
Live, Love, & Eat in Sayulita: Crustl...Live, Love, & Eat in Sayulita: Crustless Apple Curry and Nutmeg Quiche
Do you ever crave something so much that you just have to head to your kitchen to make it? That happened to me this morning! All I wanted was a c...
Remembering a Sayulita Local: Will EstesRemembering a Sayulita Local: Will Estes
Will Estes passed away Tuesday, December 19th, 2017 at 7:20pm surrounded by friends at the San Pancho hospital after a battle with terminal cance...
New Recycling Center Opening in 2018 ...New Recycling Center Opening in 2018 in Sayulita
Ana Cecilia Avalos Reyes is the force behind Centro de Reciclaje (recycling center) de Sayulita, version 2.0. A doer by nature, Ana Cecilia welco...
Thriving Over the Busy Holiday SeasonThriving Over the Busy Holiday Season
This is not just about how to stay healthy in Sayulita while on holiday (and on an everyday basis) and avoiding toxins (of co...

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