Better Living— Meet Carlos & Alethia: Property Management & Concierge Services in Sayulita

better living

Better Living— Meet Carlos & Alethia: Property Management & Concierge Services in Sayulita

As homeowners in an off-the-grid community in Sayulita, Carlos and Alethia have a natural taste for building, taking care of homes and properties, and more generally speaking, “better living.” With Western professionalism and a hint of Mexican flair, you can be assured your home in Sayulita is being attended to in the best possible way when in the hands of Better Living Property Management & Concierge Services.

Carlos, a house makes a home when…?

“Most people would agree that we buy a house, but that we create a home. It’s the place that we proudly share with our family and friends. It’s where we create memories, find peace and tranquility, and where we go to find ourselves after a long day.”

Hospitality is almost impossible to teach. Do you believe hospitality has always come naturally for you, Alethia?

“In Mexico we have a saying: “My House is Your House.” As a child growing up, we always received guests with warmth. We opened our doors with love, a plate of food, and something to drink. Now, when a client arrives, I am thankful for the opportunity to serve them, as I want their experience to be unique and special. When they return to Sayulita, I want them to smile and recall their experience with us, so that they choose us again. There are no secret formulas; it’s about treating each person the way one would like to be treated. The most important aspects of this job are to be professional, to do things with love, and to always be aware of the client’s needs…oh, and to smile!”

Better Living could just be another name, however, speaking with you I sense there is more to this choice in naming your company. What does Better Living stand for?

Better Living came about from a desire to help people. We understand that services can be similar to products sold at a store. We apply our experience and knowledge of the service industry to each of the homes that we manage. We consider our business practices to be transparent, providing honest and ethical management to all that we do. With Better Living, you can expect quality, dependability, and an assurance that your expectations will be met. Basically, we believe that taking care of someone’s property is no different than taking care of our own.”

Alethia, you are a native of Guadalajara and have been living in Sayulita for years. How does that add to the Better Living success formula?

“Coming from a large city taught me to be competitive, professional, and to do my job right the first time. The small town of Sayulita is a perfect place to put into practice my years of experience in the hotel/service and tourism industry. Homeowners appreciate this level of service when taking care of their homes and attending to their clients.”

Who should, without a doubt, get in contact with you now?

“We are looking for owners who appreciate clear and honest communication, own a property and want it maintained as if it were their own, and those who rent a property and expect a high level of professionalism from their property manager and for their renters.”

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Written by: Inge Poell