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Do you want to redesign or remodel your Sayulita home? Are you looking for the perfect team of professionally trained architects to build a home, apartment, or even a new business here in Sayulita? Look no further and meet the exceptional team, EJE 3A; they are a local group of talented and experienced designers and architects who do fabulous work here in Sayulita. Read more to hear about their design expertise and recent build projects they’ve completed in Sayulita.
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Sayulita is slowly but surely becoming more eco-conscious, and it seems more people are looking for ways to improve the health, safety, and overall sustainability of our pueblo. Enzo Ackermann, a young, local, Sayulita resident, has created an impressive campaign and project that will create and install multiple water refill stations throughout our town, in order to reduce the need to buy plastic water bottles. Enzo tells me about his project, how he started it, and how you can help him achieve his goal and support his cause.
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If you’ve been to Playa Los Muertos in Sayulita recently, you’ve probably noticed the beautiful new mural that is painted on the archway as you enter the graveyard and head towards the beach. Created for and inspired by the recent Dia de Muertos Holiday this last November of 2019. The young artist behind the magical creation, Jensen Hasburgh, tells me more about the project, as well as about her art in general here in Sayulita.
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This month’s recipient of Sayulita Life’s $5,000 donation is Sayulita’s local youth baseball team, the Jaibitos. The youth baseball team is run and organized by coach Pedro Navarro, who volunteers his time and efforts in supporting the kids and their baseball program. Thanks to his hard work and time, and Sayulita Life’s donation, which will go directly toward the purchase of new equipment, our youth can now enjoy a fully operational baseball program with proper equipment, in order to play competitively in games against other teams in surrounding areas.
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Yoga can mean many different things to different people, and often it can feel overwhelming to find the right type of yoga or the right type of studio to meet your yoga needs. At Sayulita Yoga Studio, Iyengar Yoga is the central practice. Because of its methodology, combined with the studio’s calming and controlled environment, the space is perfect to allow students to really focus and go inward without disturbance or distraction. Sayulita Yoga Center is the right choice for yogis looking to learn about yoga just as much as to practice and engage in it. I speak with the owner, Graziella, about the studio and the type of Yoga she offers in her space.
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Evynn LeValley Photography in Sayulita is an experienced Elopement, Wedding, and Lifestyle photographer who loves natural light, dramatic sceneries, and adventurous couples. With over nine years of photography experience in Sayulita, her work is known for its contemporary style and use of natural light or landscapes. Her work has been featured in numerous well known publications or magazines, such as Martha Stewart, HGTV, and Brides. Evynn explains more about her photography style, and what you could book her services for here in Sayulita.
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I can’t believe that the holiday season is right around the corner! Here in Sayulita, the sun is shining, the weather is really warm, and snow will never happen. Nonetheless, the spirit of Christmas is everywhere around us- from the big firecracker booms that wake us up reminding us to go to church mass, to people getting together to share in the holiday spirit, to kitchens smelling of yummy cookies, cakes & appetizers, and to the drinking eggnog or icey prosecco.
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*Dear readers- please note we tried to post this delicious recipe with you a few issues ago, but due to a technical error the link to the article was broken. We have fixed the error and are sharing it again for you to enjoy. Yesterday I bought a beautiful roasted chicken from the rotisserie pollo (chicken) shop in Sayulita. There are so many different recipes that one can use with roasted chicken. I love pollo, avocados, jalapeños, and love cheese— so I put them all together, and made "Aguacates Rellenos de Pollo con Queso”, or "Chicken Stuffed Baked Avocados with Cheese.” It is a simple, most delicious recipe that I just had to share it with you today! All the ingredients are available here in Sayulita.
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Gabriel and Wendy Jones. If you are in Sayulita, you are sure to already know these friendly, smiling faces who you often see cruising the Sayulita streets in their golf cart with their loving pack of rescue dogs in tow. Gabe and Wendy are long-time Sayulita residents and owners of Casa Vecino guesthouse; they are vitally helpful and highly respected members of the Sayulita community. Gabe and Wendy give back to our pueblo in so many ways, whether through their efforts in animal rescue and adoption, organizing and participating in street and beach clean ups, or through providing care and guidance for tourists here visiting. Their vacation rental, Casa Vecino, has undergone some new changes and is ready for your bookings over the holidays! Gabe tells me about some of these changes, and why Casa Vecino is the perfect rental for you to have the best Sayulita experience.
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With over 15 years of experience in the insurance services industry, Jason Wagner and his team at West Coast Global Insurance Services have every way to help assist you in your insurance needs, whether you are traveling or living in Sayulita, Mexico. Jason explains exactly why his insurance company has everything to meet your individual and family’s insurance needs.