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Restaurant Haramara in Sayulita is a unique fine dining experience in the stunning outdoor jungle setting of Haramara Retreat which overlooks the ocean. The restaurant serves gourmet three or four course meals which blend organic and local ingredients that are health conscious and are vegetarian, vegan, or seafood inspired. At Restaurant Haramara you can eat breakfast listening to the birds, enjoy a quiet lunch at midday, and linger over dinner while watching the sunset. Owner/manager of Restaurant Haramara, Enrico, describes more about the restaurant’s unique cuisine.
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A few weeks ago my husband and I set out for Puerto Vallarta in the early morning hours. As we drove through the neighboring town of San Ignacio I noticed hand lettered signs along the highway for a local bakery, “El Columpio”. The name piqued my curiosity, El Columpio – The Swing. Soon my mind had drifted to other thoughts as I watched the first motions of a small town waking up. Workers boarded a bus, children held their mother’s hands as they walked towards the small grocery store, and dogs milled about as if they too had a scheduled routine to maintain.
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After pizza, a rich yummy Quiche is my next favourite thing to make and eat! It is zucchini harvest time now, so I am going to share with you the most delicious recipe of a zucchini quiche with bacon and goat or cheddar cheese. I made this recipe exactly as I will be writing it; it is so light & flavorful! My husband and I loved it so much the first time around that I am making it again for dinner tonight. Served with a fresh green salad, this quiche feels like I have died and gone to heaven!
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To everything, turn, turn, turn… There is a season, turn, turn, turn… And a time to every purpose… Under heaven. Our brisk morning air has me singing the lyrics of Pete Seeger. It’s often joked that we have only two seasons in Sayulita, wet and dry, but if you look beyond the weather you’ll discover some pretty significant seasonal differences that affect our lives in more indirect ways, including what we eat.
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During these days at home I seem to be spending more time in my kitchen trying new recipes. The recipes that I have been making are very delicious, and today’s recipe is no exception. All the ingredients are available here in Sayulita. I am sharing a Mexican recipe with you that I know you will all really like. It is called a Jalapeno Popper Casserole; it is so delicious! The flavors will always transport you to Sayulita!
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Part of what makes Sayulita so magical is our location directly by the sea. With this comes the opportunity to experience all sorts of interesting activities connected to nature and the ocean. Amor de Mar Dinner Cruises in Sayulita offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience of fine-dining while cruising the water with breathtaking sights and sounds. Owner Darrin Rath gives details about the cruises & overall experience that Amor de Mar has to offer.
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Doris Rivera, private chef in Sayulita, prepares hearty and delicious home-style meals, safely created and served in the comfort of your own home. Doris specializes in showcasing the local flavors and traditional cooking of the Riviera Nayarit region. Doris is well known in Sayulita for serving generous portions of colorful, mouth-watering dishes in her clients' homes. Doris will come to your house or vacation rental in Sayulita or San Pancho, allowing for a socially distanced yet comfortable meal experience, and for guests to celebrate a special event or small gathering. Doris tells me about her background experience in cooking, as well as what she defines as her signature cooking style.
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COVID has interrupted many of our lives so much lately, but it has definitely NOT stopped me from baking! I am so happy in my Sayulita kitchen, especially when I am experimenting with a new recipe. The holiday season is upon us. I want to share with you a wonderful holiday season side dish, or it could even be a main with a nice organic salad. Our Friday Farmer’s market is open, and you can always find beautiful fresh organic greens there.
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Whether you want to enjoy a refreshing drink on the sand, watch the surfers and waves at Sayulita’s main beach, bathe in the sunshine, enjoy people watching, or have some delicious food, (or all of the above), Cocos Beach Club in Sayulita is the perfect place to spend a day of fun and relaxation on the beach! Fernando, owner of Cocos Beach Club, tells me more about Cocos and the diverse services they have to offer.