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One of the things I remember most about my grandma is that she was a wonderful cook. There always seemed to be at least one large pot simmering away on Grandma’s stove, you didn’t have to see it to know that it was there, the smell wafted throughout the little house and greeted you like a warm hug as soon as you walked through the door.  Little did I know at the time, my grandma’s large pots of home cooked goodness were “guisados”. No matter our ancestry, or where we come from, we all cook guisados. Guisados aren’t any one…

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I made the most delicious crusty chewy bread today! As good or maybe even better than the “best” bakery artisan loaf I have ever bought! And sooo easy - only four ingredients that I always have in my kitchen. I challenge you to make this bread - even if you have never made bread before…I promise, it will be fantastic. LIVE, LOVE, EAT Are you up for the bread baking challenge? Read more to discover Karina's simple, 4 ingredient recipe!
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Naty's Cocina, also known locally as Naty’s Tacos, has become an iconic point of reference when visiting Sayulita; it’s a must try when here in town! A simple and very affordable menu, along with a variety of flavors and vegetarian options, makes Naty’s Cocina a favorite choice for easy and tasty street tacos here in Sayulita. The chicken mole, rajas con elote (poblano peppers with corn), and potato tacos are some of the most well known and favorite menu options Naty’s has to offer. In Sayulita, Naty’s Cocina is as commonly known as the main beach and the plaza. If you know, you know, and if you don’t, you’ll soon want to!
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Are you trying to follow a low carb lifestyle? I am always googling and following low carb bloggers to find recipes for snacks that are low carb and delicious at the same time. Yesterday I came across a recipe for pizza roll ups that sounded easy and yummy -- just 4 ingredients, and low carb pizza roll ups with no flour of any kind!? I just had to try them; my very well-stocked Sayulita kitchen already had the 4 ingredients I needed.
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I LOVE living here in Sayulita! There are always trucks driving by offering fresh vegetables, fruits, shrimp, fish, tamales, etc. Yesterday I heard a truck selling fresh fish, and I just had to see what I could make with it for dinner. A beautiful, fresh fish caught that morning was waiting to be made into a wonderful fish soup. I had the fish descaled by the seller, and for just $80 pesos, I had the base for my fish soup dinner! I had never made a fish soup before, but thought it would be fun to try. I decided to roast the fish in a foil packet to get as much flavor out of it as possible. You will love this recipe!
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With its magical ambience and superb food, Xochi Restaurant, Cafe, & Lounge, invites you to savor the best of Sayulita and Mexico. Named after Xochitl, an Aztec flower, and Xochiquetzal, the goddess of flowers and creative arts, the restaurant offers whimsical decor and the creative cuisine of Chef Carlos Lanten. Chef Lanten’s Mexican-fusion dishes have been widely recognized by 5 star hotels and award-winning restaurants. Come to Xochi, Sayulita’s newest restaurant, and experience the magic yourself!