SayulitaLife’s $5,000 Monthly Donation Goes To: Amigos de Corazon, Club de la Tercera Edad

SayulitaLife’s $5,000 Monthly Donation Goes To: Amigos de Corazon, Club de la Tercera Edad

Can you tell us how the Senior Citizens Club, “Friends of the Heart” started?
A group of Ejidatario’s (original founders of Sayulita) would meet every afternoon under the shade of a Parota tree to pass the time and talk. The club was registered in the month of August 1986 with 53 members between women and men. The following year our Senior Citizens Club Building was built Registered with its name “Friends of the Heart”. To this day the tree exists and the clubs name “Amigos de Corazon”!

What type of activities do you do?
We meet every Thursday for two hours a day, from 4 to 6 in the afternoon. We always play loteria (a Mexican game, kind of like bingo), dominoes and sometimes we do crafts. We collect important information for our members, so that they are aware of the benefits for them, for example government funding and help. We also hold birthday celebrations for members, they have a small party and buy gifts so as not to go unnoticed with the donations or contributions that they themselves make every Thursday!

How do you help the community?
Participating in the parades, the traditions of our town, cultural events, days of the dead, and many more things!

Why is the center so important as a pillar of the community?
It is important to have it active since our members come to spend time together, meet new members and mostly it serves as a bit of distraction for them to have a good time. “Agusto”, the club house for the seniors, is like a second home. Some members really enjoy coming to the club and it’s the absolute highlight of their day!

How will they spend the money donated to them by SayulitaLife?
We spend it on good benefits for our club and our members! They themselves will decide how to spend it, whether it is used to buy gifts, prepare food for some of the gatherings and/or give some of the money to maintain our facilities.