Ser Su Voz Sayulita: A Civil Association

Ser Su Voz Sayulita: A Civil Association

Sayulita is truely a magical place. But as with all hidden gems, growth in popularity can lead to detrimental longterm effects. Ser Su Voz is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing Sayulita with an active and responsible voice for putting forth resolutions and action plans needed to combat environmental and ecological problems. In addition, they promote environmental education, awareness, and respect for nature.

Recently I had to opportunity to speak with Juan Echevarria, the leader of Ser Su Voz Sayulita, to learn more about their mission and what we are facing as the community of Sayulita. See his responses to my questions below:

  • What is the work that you do within the organiztion? 

¨My main task within Ser Su Voz Sayulita is to propose the actions and direction of our organization. Further, I facilitate the relationship among the 3 levels of government and the communication with environmental organizations in Bahia de Banderas, Puerto Vallarta y Cabo Corrientes.¨

  • What is the main goal of Ser Su Voz Saylita?

¨Our main goal of Ser Su Voz is to give the environmental system a strong, active, and responsible voice, bringing proposals with justice. In addition, our goal is to create real plans and possible solutions for our environmental issues.¨

¨We want to spread everywhere environmental education, awareness, and respect for all the living beings, to promote sustainability, and approach obstacles with compassion and respect.¨

  • What are the future plans of Ser Su Voz Sayulita at this time?

¨An action we are starting is called September week. This will be a tourist information campaign including signs, informational brochures about the jobs and goals we have in environmental issues, and promtional awareness through social media.¨

¨We are planning two different events for the month of October in the main square of Sayulita, on the beaches, and throughout town. These will include events such as trash collection contest on the beaches, rivers, and streets and a fashion show with clothing made from recyclables. Additionally, we will be holding events with dance, music, theater, and small plays to create community consciousness. We plan to feature art exhibitions and much more as well.¨

  • What is it that you could tell people visiting Sayita in ways they could help?

¨Sayulita is already a beautiful and magical place, but we need to be aware of what will happen in the future if we do not take care of these matters we are facing.¨

  • What do you see as the biggest danger to Sayulita at this time?

¨Accelerated deforestation, pollution in rivers, streets, and beaches, and construction without respect for the ecological laws.¨

Ser Su Voz is a politically and economically independent organization. Individual donations and membership fees are the only source of funds that allows their independence and authority needed to campaign for real change.  Visit their website to learn more about how we can better the environment.

Written/Edited by Amy Rose Pearson