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Sep 29 2017

Juan is from Guadalajara, Jalisco, but grew up vacationing in Vallarta where his grandparents lived, and in 2003, he moved to the Sayulita area to start his culinary career. Blaire is from Calgary, Canada, and moved to the area after completing her post secondary studies in 2007 to plan destination weddings and events. Plush Catering was founded in 2005 with Juan as the executive chef when he and his business partner realized that there weren’t any high end catering companies in the bay area focused on destination weddings and events. Blaire joined the team as event manager in 2010, and Juan and Blaire have owned the company together since 2012. 

What is your food and beverage background? Were you professionally trained? 

Juan completed a two year program at a culinary school in Guadalajara and spent several summers training with chefs in Ohio and California. Blaire’s background is in the organization side of events. She is a certified event manager, certified international wedding planner, safe serve certified, and takes care of the service for the events that we cater.  

Do you cater to vegans / vegetarians and people with specific food allergies and intolerances?

Absolutely, we have vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free menus and also work with clients on a per event basis to ensure that individual guests with dietary restrictions and/or allergies can enjoy their meals. We have more clients each year looking for vegetarian and vegan options, and we have even catered full vegan weddings. 

What type of cuisines do you offer? 


Our original menus are mostly Latin Asian Fusion, but Juan cooks fantastic traditional Mexican food and a bit of everything else (including American style BBQ!).

With people in general being more interested in food these days, we often work with clients to create custom menu items based on their ideas or favorite dishes.

You also offer a beverage service. Will you share more about this?

We typically offer “full service” catering, which includes food and beverage service and rentals, which means our clients don’t have to work with additional vendors, but also allows us to provide guests with what we call seamless service.

As with food, our clients are much more interested in drinks than they used to be, so we offer a range of services including open bar packages, custom bar packages, and non-alcoholic beverages, like aguas frescas and mocktails.

We have mixologists on staff who can create signature cocktails around the theme of your event and also work closely with a sommelier for wine pairing dinners. We source regional alcohol like tequila, mezcal, raicilla, and beer from local breweries. 

For what types of events do you generally cater? 

When Plush Catering was founded 12 years ago, it started as a wedding catering company and the grand majority of the events that we cater are still weddings and wedding-related events like rehearsal dinners, welcome dinners, and post-wedding brunches. We also cater the occasional open house, provide catering services for private planes, and offer private chef services for smaller groups. 

How would you describe your price range for catering and beverage service?

Our pricing is mid-to-high range in the Sayulita area, and our food, beverage, and service reflect that. Since we have everything from live action stations to wine pairing dinners to taco bars, there is quite a range of pricing that goes along with our services. We also offer discounts for booking multiple or multi-day events. 

Would you describe one of your favorite catering jobs in Sayulita and what makes it stand out? 

Jordan and Alex’s wedding with Andrea from Sayulita Dream Weddings comes to mind. The wedding was very food and beverage focused, but not in a pretentious way. Our mixologist put together some custom cocktails for them, and we served hors d’oeuvres followed by a Mexican themed family style dinner. Jordan and Alex’s main goal was to make sure their guests had a great time, and the wedding had a really fun, casual atmosphere in the breathtaking setting of Teitiare Estate (one of our favorite locations!). It was our favorite kind of wedding, a really genuinely sweet couple with family and friends who thoroughly enjoyed celebrating with them.

What sets Plush Catering apart from other caterers in the Sayulita area? 

I would say our flexibility and our attention to detail. This is a bit of a reflection on our personalities. Juan loves making custom menus and Blaire organizes everything behind the scenes, as well as the day of the event. We are flexible with more than just the food. We cater in Sayulita and all over the bay from Punta Mita to Mismaloya. We create services and packages based on clients’ needs and are always available for a phone conversation or email discussion. As with organizing our team and equipment, Juan spends much of his time perfecting menus, working on presentation of dishes, and sourcing ingredients. We offer private tastings at our tasting table so that we can meet our clients and hear more about their vision while they sample menu items they have chosen or Juan has recommended. Of course, we also love “researching” food and beverage locally and abroad!

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Whatever the event or celebration that you are planning, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!