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Krista is an energetic personality with an artist’s soul. She is passionate about capturing real emotions and special moments. Doing that, she uses her unbridled creativity in her business, Photos by Krista, which leads to the most amazing pictures. She is the perfect person to hire for your special occasion, wedding, or other event here in Sayulita.
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The humpback whales that visit Sayulita each year, for many, are part of the true magic of the area. Each winter, usually in mid-November, the large and charismatic North Pacific humpback whales are spotted swimming down the Sayulita coast, announcing their presence by their signature blows or breaching as they travel, and assembling in large numbers to breed and calve. By the end of December to around the start of February, the number of whales that you may encounter on a boat trip from Sayulita can be astounding. However, in the latest U.S. Government’s NOAA global review of the species’ status in 2016, the population of Mexican humpback whales was classified as “threatened”, and for those that swim through Nayarit waters and continue on down to Central America were labeled as “endangered”.
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I set out with four friends from Sayulita for a Sunset Sail aboard the Velero Viva. As we left Sayulita it was hot, humid and sunny; we were looking forward to getting out on the water. The closer we got to Nuevo Vallarta, there were ominous dark clouds over Banderas Bay, and it looked like rain. Velero Viva is docked at the Puerto Vallarta Yacht Club, which is located in Nuevo Vallarta-- just a quick thirty minute drive from Sayulita. There is ample parking in the underground garage at the adjacent shopping center.
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The Tequila Experience Sayulita first began in 2017, and now is a thriving professional tequila tasting service which arranges private tastings in Sayulita for any occasion for groups or even individuals. The Tequila Experience Sayulita is unique because it only uses high-quality, artisanal, 100% Blue Agave tequila produced from small, local manufacturers, so you get to taste tequilas that are not only rich and luxurious, but absolutely delicious! Geovani, the leader and owner of Tequila Experience Sayulita is incredibly friendly, fun, knowledgeable, and makes his guests feel comfortable and at ease. 
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The 9th Season of Live Theater Sayulita, produced at Villas Sayulita, filled the house for two performances and raised approximately $1,000 U.S.D. for local charities. “The Sayulita Radio Hour” featured two old-time radio show skits, “Fibber McGee and Molly” and “The Bickersons,” and two primiere plays, “The Very Committed Marriage” and “Too Hot to Handle.”
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The 9th Annual Auxiliary Lifeguard Training was held on March 13th and 14th. It was a HUGE success! The class consisted of 43 men and women aged 11-40. It is estimated that over 200 people have now been trained in the Bahia Banderas. Instructors from the municipal Lifeguard Program trained participants in water rescue skills, CPR, spinal management, both in and out of the water, and endurance. The weather was perfect both days, with just enough wave action to make some of the workshops challenging.
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La Patrona Polo & Equestrian Club is set in a breathtakingly beautiful backdrop of jungle-covered mountains in San Pancho, just 15 minutes from Sayulita. The Polo Lounge is three levels (lounge, restaurant, and terrace) and has a feel of luxurious exclusivity without the pretentiousness. I felt relaxed, yet excited as I arrived at La Patrona for their weekly Sunday Polo Brunch.
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This year, Live Theater Sayulita’s (LTS) production will be a live “Radio Hour,” featuring two one-act plays by writers who have been participating with LTS as actors for several years. Judith Greber and Richard Carlson, who both live in Sayulita during the winter, have written The VERY Committed Marriage, and Too Hot to Handle, respectively.