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Sitting under an open air palapa with a refreshing drink in hand and a spectacular view of the ocean, Juan and Gina from Spanglish Language School in Sayulita, share their advice on language learning. Baby Leoní and their furry friends, Astro, Inés, and Colmillo leisurely wander around the property, adding to the laid-back and family friendly atmosphere of this school. This is how mastering a foreign language looks like at Spanglish Language School in Sayulita, Mexico.
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SayulitaFit, Sayulita’s first fitness and athletic club is finally opening today, November 12th, 2018, and it has been the talk of the town since word of its opening first began to spread around our pueblo. With major excitement growing about this gym, I talk with the owner Josh Serrano about the services and fitness classes that will be provided, and why SayulitaFit is filling a need in this community that previously has been unmet.
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Hola to the community of Sayulita- surf shops, photographers, wedding planners, stores, restaurants, and local residents: WE NEED YOUR HELP! The Lifeguard Tower Go Fund Me campaign will soon end, and we are still seriously underfunded for the final stage of the Lifeguard Tower Project. As you know, we are nearing our busy season here in Sayulita, and building this last lifeguard tower is essential to keep our beaches and many visitors safe. This is your chance to help chip in! Sayulita Life, Mexhome, and Hotel Vogue all have already generously donated to the cause; Sayulita Life graciously gifted $200 USD toward the project.
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November brings all kinds of exciting events to Sayulita, including my personal favorite, the seasonal opening of the Mercado del Pueblo. This year of 2018, our own farmer’s market will open on November 2nd, and will hold the same hours as in years past, opening at 10:00 a.m. and closing at 2:00 p.m. The Mercado is lucky enough to remain in its incredible location which offers shade and lots of greenery! As many of you know, the Mercado is open every Friday from November until the end of April, and can be found on Calle Revolucion, just North of the main bridge. Parking can be found in the campo (the baseball field).
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Latcho and Andrea have an infectious energy, both in their music and through their interactions with those they encounter. It is clear even before hearing them play that they are soulful, intuitive, creative, talented, and can read one another like magic. Latcho and Andrea are incredibly passionate about performing their music; they share with me their inspiration behind their unique and sultry sound, the way they work as a duo, and what kind of style of music they enjoy sharing. As they get ready to begin performing regularly again in Sayulita, it is exciting to hear about the irresistible, fun, culturally relevant, and engaging music they create to share with our community.
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Dia De Los Muertos, or “Day of the Dead”, is one of the most widely celebrated holidays in Latin American cultures. While the holiday first originated in Mexico, it is now celebrated all over Latin America. According to National Geographic, “Day of the Dead originated several thousand years ago with the Aztec, Toltec, and other Nahua people, who considered mourning the dead disrespectful. For these pre-Hispanic cultures, death was a natural phase in life’s long continuum. The dead were still members of the community, kept alive in memory and spirit”.
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Meet Brian Laudenslager. Brian Laudenslager is originally from Denver, Colorado, but moved to Guadalajara six years ago in 2012 to be an English teacher. While in Guadalajara, Brian would vacation in Sayulita often, whenever he had the opportunity. Eventually, he decided to move here to Sayulita in 2016 after falling in love with a property that came up for sale. When Brian is not busy working as a property owner/manager or running his high-end, full service concierge company, Brian donates his free time by getting involved in the community in a variety of ways; he does beach and neighborhood cleanups, small charity work, such as food or clothing drives, puppy fostering, and his personal favorite and most important to him: giving swim lessons. Brian currently gives free swim lessons to local children in Sayulita who do not know how to swim.
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Meet Maura Cathey. Maura and her husband run the bilingual Christian church here in Sayulita, which has been around for nearly ten years since 2008. Maura is the pastor’s wife and also runs Sayulita’s Christian school, which has been around for nearly eight years since 2010. Maura’s school teaches local children from our community. “We are a small school, but function as a real, developed school concerning rules, expectations, and activities, etc. We are not called ‘teachers’, but are more like ‘supervisors’ because we are all mostly concerned parents. I have experience in homeschooling my kids for many years, so that helps me in this position.” Over the years, Maura’s school has served over one hundred students. They usually have around a dozen students enrolled at a time.
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Meet Gabriel and Wendy Jones- founders of Sayulita’s “Neighborhood Clean-Up Crew”. Gabe is originally from Canada, born in Winnipeg Manitoba and raised in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. According to Gabe, “these are two of the friendliest, but also coldest winter cities in Canada. I always preferred summers, and I dreamed of living by the ocean.” Gabe realized that dream when he moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, and met his wife Wendy, who was born and raised in Vancouver. Gabe and Wendy came to Sayulita for the first time on their first wedding anniversary, and immediately fell in love with it. A few years later, they decided to take a break from their busy city lives and move to Sayulita for one year. “Soon after we arrived we realized that we didn’t want to limit ourselves to one year.” As they did, they started working on a plan that would allow them to stay in Sayulita longer. Gabe and Wendy are now seven years in to their Mexican adventure of living in Sayulita, and they love it more each day. “The sense of community, the warmth of the local Sayuleros, and the quality of the people that have chosen Sayulita to be their home is the biggest reason why we love it here.”
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Art classes- check. Language classes- check. Kids’ movies- check. These and much more can now be found at Sayulita’s newest non-profit organization, El Centro Creativo. Originally created by Festival Sayulita to provide a creative outlet for locals year-round, El Centro Creativo Sayulita has now, literally, taken on a life of its own. El Centro, as most call it, can be found on Calle Pelicanos at Quintas Trujillo. El Centro is managed by Nick Sherman, Sebastian Ibarra, and Tania Cruz. These individuals have worked tirelessly to ensure that Sayulita has a community space that is inclusive and respectful.