Top 3 Reasons Sayulita is a Thriving Community

Top 3 Reasons Sayulita is a Thriving Community

For those who have traveled to, or call Sayulita their permanent home, it’s easy to see why it is such a desirable place; the sense of community, the fresh food, the ocean breeze and jungle sounds, it truly is a tropical paradise. At, we do our best to bring you up to date information on how to support local organizations and establishments. By supporting the local community in Sayulita, you are ensuring a future that flourishes for everyone. Below are a few reasons why Sayulita is such a strong and thriving community.

Community Based Organizations

There are many community-centered organizations in Sayulita that work for the sole purpose of making Sayulita a better place to visit and call home. One of these organizations is none other than Pro Sayulita, a non-political, duly-registered and federally-recognized Mexican non-profit that was founded in 2005 by concerned local and foreign citizens. Pro Sayulita also supports amazing volunteer and community based organizations in Sayulita. An example is  SayulitAnimals , a local Sayulita organization dedicated to the health and welfare of dogs and cats in need of forever homes. Another great volunteer-based organization that is supported by Pro Sayulita is Campamento Tortuguero Sayulita, an organization with the mission to educate locals and visitors on the importance of preserving the existence of local sea turtles. There are always upcoming events and fundraisers that need your help. For more information, please contact Pro Sayulita via their volunteer section and ask how you can be of service.

Shopping Local

Sayulita is home to many one of a kind produce and superfoods. If you find yourself in Sayulita on Friday, be sure to take advantage of our Mercado del Pueblo, Sayulita’s own Farmer’s Market. The purpose of Mercado del Pueblo is to provide local farmers a venue to bring healthy and sustainable food to the community and for the people of Sayulita to see the seasonal, fresh foods of the region. For information on other local markets in Nayarit, click here.

Enriching Local Youth & Activities

In Sayulita, we understand the importance of sustainable education and enriching a child’s life. We are proud to say that with the help of amazing volunteers, teachers, and the local community coming together, our children are on track to a very bright future. Costa Verde International School is an ecological, community-oriented, multicultural, and bilingual private school located in Sayulita. CVIS provides an intellectually stimulating curriculum for preschool through 6th grade and secondario (7th-9th grades) with small class sizes and hands on instruction to inspire learning. Another recent project that was completely focused on the local children of Sayulita is Sayuparke, a community park for children in Sayulita. Sayuparke made its debut in February of 2014. The park was completely organized, planned, funded, designed and built by Sayulita locals and volunteers.

Still want more information or have questions? Be sure to check out our recently updated Sayulita FAQ section.

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