Staying Hydrated in Sayulita

Staying Hydrated in Sayulita

We all know that staying hydrated is crucial when traveling to hotter, more tropical climates, such as Sayulita. Many visitors to Sayulita are surprised with the high percentage of humidity and heat they experience. Some travelers find themselves unprepared and lack of hydration can be detrimental to your vacation. Below are some tips to keep yourself hydrated, happy, and ready to enjoy your vacation to the fullest!

Staying hydrated, staying eco friendly

Planning ahead always saves you money in the long run. Sayulita is lined with farmacias (local pharmacies) all around town, whre you can buy gatorade and other sports drinks. But what some may not realize, is that the mark up is generously larger than buying the same products at the local grocery stores, where you can find gatorade, power ade and other electrolyte drinks for a better price. A great way to stay hydrated and to help keep Sayulita green is to bring your own reusable water bottle. This helps keep Sayulita green by eliminating excessive plastic bottles and waste.

During Your Stay

We’re all about keeping it local! Throughout the town of Sayulita you will find many local vendors with a cart saying, “Cocos Frios” which translates to, “cold coconuts”. Natural coconut water is one of the most beneficial sources of electrolytes and keeps you cool and hydrated. Local Tip – Bring your empty water bottle with you and ask your local vendor to fill it with fresh coconut water. This is a fantastic way to take your fresh coconut water with you and explore Sayulita. In order to protect the ocean and marine life in Sayulita, please consider not using straws for your drinks. ChocoBanana is a local restaurant that has gone straw free and with everyones help, others will follow! Next time you’re at a restaurant or bar, use the phrase, “No popote por favor”, which means, “No straw, please”. You can also bring your reusable water bottle to ChocoBanana to fill for a very reasonable price, much less than buying a plastic bottle of water that will be thrown away.

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