Featured Sayulita Business: FDfotofer

Featured Sayulita Business: FDfotofer

Hi! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
I am Fernando, a Mexican photographer based in Sayulita. This town has been home for my wife and kids for over eight years now. I love life and people! That’s why I have been a portrait and social event photographer for over 12 years now, as an independent photographer across Mexico. 

How did you first land in Sayulita?
I always wanted to live by the beach, so I traveled with my family to try Sayulita out without knowing anyone here. We immediately felt in love with the place. I quickly connected with the community and started working as a photographer for outdoor adventure activities, then booking my own photoshoots as a portrait, lifestyle and real estate photographer. 

What about Sayulita inspired you to stay and start your business here?
I consider myself as a nomadic freelance photographer, hustling photoshoots and weddings the same way everywhere I go, but the uniqueness and freedom of Nayarit beaches made me want to settle down around the Sayulita area. It makes my kids happy and I love having the ocean in my everyday life.

How did you get into photography?
I got into photography accidentally as I was a frustrated painter. I always wanted to paint my thoughts but the result was not even close to what I was expecting, nor worth it. I really tried. My mom gave a second hand Minolta film camera she bought in a pawnshop, and that event changed my life. I could communicate and express my thoughts with light and shadows, and that is all I need ever since. That happened in 2001.

What about your services sets you apart from others?
I think of photographers as time machine operators. I love the idea of freezing time, traveling through it, going back and forth in a life timeline. I use that magic to play with time and make it fun for my subjects, provoquing an experience, letting them enjoy themselves. I hope that they remember the day of the photo shoot, even if there weren’t any photos at all. That’s the style I like to keep.

What can a client expect when booking with you?
At the photoshoot you can expect a lot of fun and laughter in a unique location. You’ll also find a local friendly guide in me. I want you to enjoy Sayulita, not just the photoshoot but the whole town, and I will happily point out anything you are interested while you are in this town.

What kind of services do you provide?
I run FDfoto virtual studio, but we are actually a group of  friends and audiovisual artists who offer all kinds of content creation services such as: wedding photography and videography, real estate and interior photography for booking platforms, virtual tours, themed portrait photoshoots, branding and lifestyle content creation, outdoor adventure photography among other services.

Anything else you would like to add?
All these questions about me and Sayulita made me want to go down to the beach to do a photoshoot! Any volunteers ? Who’s next ?

To book a session with Fernando you can contact him here!