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With its magical ambience and superb food, Xochi Restaurant, Cafe, & Lounge, invites you to savor the best of Sayulita and Mexico. Named after Xochitl, an Aztec flower, and Xochiquetzal, the goddess of flowers and creative arts, the restaurant offers whimsical decor and the creative cuisine of Chef Carlos Lanten. Chef Lanten’s Mexican-fusion dishes have been widely recognized by 5 star hotels and award-winning restaurants. Come to Xochi, Sayulita’s newest restaurant, and experience the magic yourself!
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Restaurant Haramara in Sayulita is a unique fine dining experience in the stunning outdoor jungle setting of Haramara Retreat which overlooks the ocean. The restaurant serves gourmet three or four course meals which blend organic and local ingredients that are health conscious and are vegetarian, vegan, or seafood inspired. At Restaurant Haramara you can eat breakfast listening to the birds, enjoy a quiet lunch at midday, and linger over dinner while watching the sunset. Owner/manager of Restaurant Haramara, Enrico, describes more about the restaurant’s unique cuisine.
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A few weeks ago my husband and I set out for Puerto Vallarta in the early morning hours. As we drove through the neighboring town of San Ignacio I noticed hand lettered signs along the highway for a local bakery, “El Columpio”. The name piqued my curiosity, El Columpio – The Swing. Soon my mind had drifted to other thoughts as I watched the first motions of a small town waking up. Workers boarded a bus, children held their mother’s hands as they walked towards the small grocery store, and dogs milled about as if they too had a scheduled routine to maintain.
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Sayulita serves as the perfect backdrop for photography, whether it is a family shoot, individual portraits, a special event, or photos of vacation homes or local businesses. The only thing better than a place with lots of sunshine, picturesque beaches, lush jungle & vegetation, and bright, bold colors, is a professional, skilled photographer who can beautifully capture all of these elements! Camilla Fuchs is that photographer. With professional experience in surf, family portraits, weddings & special events, and real estate photography, Camilla can do it all here in Sayulita to preserve and capture your Sayulita moments.
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Destilería Cerdo Negro is the first and only distillery located here in Sayulita. Cerdo Negro Distillery specializes in quality whisky, gin, and whiskey cream, all 100% made in Sayulita. You can enjoy their products in Cerdo Negro’s tasting room by appointment, purchase their bottles at Sayulita’s local Friday Market, or sip on a beverage at several of Sayulita’s local bars and restaurants. Owner and founder of Cerdo Negro, Chad Landis, tells readers more about the distillery and unique products.
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To everything, turn, turn, turn… There is a season, turn, turn, turn… And a time to every purpose… Under heaven. Our brisk morning air has me singing the lyrics of Pete Seeger. It’s often joked that we have only two seasons in Sayulita, wet and dry, but if you look beyond the weather you’ll discover some pretty significant seasonal differences that affect our lives in more indirect ways, including what we eat.
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Sayulita Entourage was born several years ago under the name Sayulita Diving School. A business originally focused on offering diving, has now expanded to offer a wide range of at-sea adventures to its clients. With a fully licensed and fully equipped twenty-two foot panga, Sayulita Entourage is perfect for smaller groups of family or friends wanting a more detail oriented tour or to avoid a crowded excursion. Owner Roberta tells us more about Sayulita Entourage and the types of tours they offer in the Sayulita area.
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Sayulita’s prime location on the Pacific Ocean brings the wonderful opportunity to experience a wide range of activities and explorations at sea. Banana Sport Fishing in Sayulita offers all kinds of family friendly excursions aboard their modern, thirty-foot super panga! Go fishing, snorkeling, whale watching, and more with Banana Sport Fishing.
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During these days at home I seem to be spending more time in my kitchen trying new recipes. The recipes that I have been making are very delicious, and today’s recipe is no exception. All the ingredients are available here in Sayulita. I am sharing a Mexican recipe with you that I know you will all really like. It is called a Jalapeno Popper Casserole; it is so delicious! The flavors will always transport you to Sayulita!
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Part of what makes Sayulita so magical is our location directly by the sea. With this comes the opportunity to experience all sorts of interesting activities connected to nature and the ocean. Amor de Mar Dinner Cruises in Sayulita offer a once-in-a-lifetime experience of fine-dining while cruising the water with breathtaking sights and sounds. Owner Darrin Rath gives details about the cruises & overall experience that Amor de Mar has to offer.