Many businesses and vacation rentals in Sayulita have received the "Green Thumbs Up" seal of approval by the students of Costa Verde International School, in partnership with Sayulita Life, for being eco-friendly! This means that these businesses meet several of the criteria from the eco-friendly checklists below:

"Green thumbs up" seal of approval for restaurants/businesses in Sayulita:
  • If they don't use single-use plastic bags or have an alternative
  • If they don't use plastic straws or have an alternative
  • Vegan or vegetarian menu options
  • Biodegradable to go containers; do not use Styrofoam
  • Garaphon water is available rather than selling plastic water bottles
  • They charge for plastic bags if they do not have reusable or paper bags in their store.
"Green thumbs up" seal of approval for vacation rentals:
  • Provides reusable/canvas tote bags in the rental
  • Provides reusable water bottles & to-go containers in kitchen
  • Provides recycling bins
  • Provides a cooler or cooler bag in the rental
  • Provides ice trays (to avoid guests having to buy plastic ice bags)
  • Provides reusable shampoo and conditioner bottles
  • Provides information about green businesses or ways to be eco-friendly during their stay
  • Has solar panels & lighting (optional)
  • Has water saving toilets (optional)