MeQuiero Boutique- Changing the World, One Beautiful Piece of Clothing at a Time


MeQuiero Boutique- Changing the World, One Beautiful Piece of Clothing at a Time


An interview with Giorgio Capirone, owner and manager of MeQuiero Boutique.

Giorgio, what is MeQuiero design? 

“MeQuiero is a boutique-style shop catering to both tourists and locals. We sell souvenirs and/or comfy clothing, like pants and Bermudas made with a particular type of fresh and simple cotton that are specially made for living in a hot and humid climate. They are of 100% Mexican origin and have a colorful design that will inevitably make your mind think back to the lovely streets of our Pueblo Magico, Sayulita. In the future we would like to let our MeQuiero designs roam and explore the rest of Mexico too, and possibly even abroad outside of Mexico.”

How did you get interested in ethical and sustainable fashion?

“To be honest, it wasn’t a particular goal I set for myself. But the moment I discovered the incredible softness of our fabrics and the lovely people that are making these fabrics, I was sold. I started to do more and more research, and I learned a lot about the downside of today’s fast fashion industry, such as the poor conditions people work in, the low salaries, and lack of benefits; this is all very disheartening. I am proud and happy to say that at MeQuiero we offer a more conscious option to the fashion market of Sayulita and Mexico today.”

What is the importance of ethical and sustainable fashion for a small town like Sayulita?

“I believe the importance of ethical and sustainable products is not limited to small towns like Sayulita, but should be a priority for every town on our beautiful planet. The planet is ours to live on, and we should take care of its land, oceans, and inhabitants. Sayulita has always had a vibrant and conscious community, and I therefore believe that Sayulita has the power to make small changes that subsequently will lead to bigger changes.”

What are some of your favorite items sold at the store?

“I personally love the diversity of basic t-shirts and light pants. They are extremely comfortable and perfect for lazy indoor mornings. They would also be your best bet for a hot afternoon happy hour at a Sayulita beach or cocktail bar.”

Sustainable alternatives are often expensive, what about MeQuiero’s cost-quality ratio?

“We strive to keep the prices affordable for both locals and tourists. I would say in comparison, our prices are medium to low, where the quality of our fabrics are of a high standard.”

Where can we find MeQuiero?

“MeQuiero Boutique is located at Av. Revolucion 1, next to the Terminal Compostela in Sayulita. Feel free to stop by and browse through our made-with-love MeQuiero designs. Our store hours are 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. daily.”



*Written by: Inge Poell