Vacation with a Cause in Sayulita

Vacation with a Cause in Sayulita

Lately, it’s become very popular for families to enjoy their yearly vacations while also helping local causes and nonprofit organizations. Sayulita is home to many fantastic groups with a clear vision and determination to make Sayulita safe, thriving, and clean. Many people are ditching the large corporate tourist attractions to fully enjoy a local experience and doing their part to leave Sayulita better than they found it. Below are some Sayulita organizations and non profits that we highly recommend checking out before your next visit.

Pro Sayulita
Pro Sayulita is a non profit organization that is focuses on funding projects that have Sayulita’s best interests in mind. Some of these projects include a recycling program, street cleaning, funding the fire and police stations, beach and town clean ups, and much more. By volunteering your time or making a donation, you are ensuring that Sayulita will be continually taken care of and be left better than when you arrived. For more information on Pro Sayulita, click here. For information on donating, click here.

How Can I Help Pro Sayulita During My Vacation?
Monetary donations to Pro Sayulita go directly to some of Sayulita’s fundamental town services, such as: Emergency Departments (Fire Station, Police Station, Emergency Ambulance), Lifeguards, Traffic Wardens, and Education Programs. If you’re in town during one of the fundraisers, it’s a great opportunity to meet other Sayulita locals, support a fantastic cause, and enjoy an evening full of delicious food, dancing, and auctions.


JXMP is Sayulita’s youth driven organization. JXMP is an acronym for, “Juntos Por Mi Pueblo”, which translates to, “Together for My Town”. This youth driven organization began in early 2016 when local teenagers and kids came together with  determination and a huge desire for making a positive change in their town of Sayulita. The group soon began to make connections and build relationships with major groups and authorities in Sayulita. For information on JXMP, click here. To be in touch with one of their head leaders, you can contact them through Facebook here.

How Can I Help JXMP During My Vacation in Sayulita?
Monetary donations help the JXMP team buy materials for community clean ups. Donated items are also greatly appreciated. Some items that are frequently requested for donations are: gloves, trash bags, paint, rakes, and cleaning supplies. The absolute best thing you can do is donate your time during a weekend clean-up!


Eco Sayulita
Eco Sayulita was created in 2014 by a bi-cultural group of individuals who live and work in Sayulita. The mission of the group is to turn Sayulita into a model “green community” for Mexico. Eco Sayulita is funded by the Mercado del Pueblo (Local Farmer’s Market) and individual donations to specific projects and causes. The organization works closely with the Vigilantes, Pro Sayulita, and other local groups. Some of Eco Sayulita’s activities have been focused on: Beach, river and town cleanups, town-wide compost program, local water issues and more. They are currently in the infant stages of creating a recycling center for the town of Sayulita. For more information on Eco-Sayulita, click here. For information on donations, contact Lina Weissman through their Facebook page, here.

How Can I Help Eco Sayulita During My Vacation in Sayulita?
Eco-Sayulita hosts several town and beach clean ups throughout the year. Donating your time is one of the best things you can do! Monetary donations will help major infrastructure projects such as a sustainable and permanent Recycling Center, clean water projects, and educating local restaurants and hotels about bio-degradable and green take-out materials.

Sayulita Animals Logo

Sayulita Animals
SayulitAnimals is a local organization with a mission is to eliminate animal suffering and to educate people about animal welfare. Their goal is to create an environment of compassion and respect for all animals in town. SayulitAnimals creates positive change by facilitating programs which inform the community about the well-being of animals and provide assistance for cats and dogs in Sayulita. The needs of street animals have shaped the organization into four key programs which include: Spay and neutering, adoption and foster assistance, medical aid for street animals and community education. For further information click here. For donations to this organization, click here. Interested in adopting a Sayulita cat or dog? Click here.

How Can I Help SayulitAnimals During My Vacation in Sayulita?
SayulitAnimals has a fantastic foster-program. Check with your vacation rental owner, if pets are allowed, it would be a great opportunity to help foster a dog for a few days! Some animals need help with transportation to meet their new owners in their forever homes. Check with SayulitAnimals and if your return flight is in the vicinity of the adoptive animals new home, you may be eligible to be an escort. All paperwork, fees, and shots will be taken care of. If you’re looking for a shorter commitment but want to help Sayulita’s four-legged friends, take a dog for a walk! Volunteers are always welcomed.

*Photo credit: Camilla Fuchs Photography