November 1, 2021 sayulitablog 0Comment

As Sayulita gets ready for another season, we are excited to share some updates from one of the local programs that is working hard to keep our amazing town clean! El Centro de Reciclaje de Sayulita, our local not-for-profit recycling program, is now entering its third full year of operation! The recycling program was originally created by the Infrastructure Committee of Groupo Pro Sayulita, who then piloted a program almost 4 years ago. Information obtained from the pilot and an amazing partnership with other recycling programs along the coast has made Centro Reciclaje into a growing and successful program in Sayulita. As part of the ongoing efforts for the recycling program to keep up with the needs of our growing town, the community of Sayulita is providing support and donations!

Recently with the generous contribution of Gabriel Jones and MexHome Real Estate, a second vehicle was added to the program, allowing for a better and more efficient pick-up system of recycled items. Gabe Jones, one of the senior real estate agents at MexHome explains his choice in supporting programs; “ As Sayulita grows as a destination, I know that one of the biggest challenges faced is dealing with an ever-increasing amount of trash. Sayulita's recycling program encourages businesses and individuals to reduce and reuse and provides an option to keep many items that would have been taken to the landfill. I offered to donate to the program, and MexHome offered to match my donation.  I believe that supporting this program will make Sayulita (and the world) a better place, and we are proud to be able to give back to the community by sponsoring this program. Thank you to all the people involved in making this program a reality.”

Small but powerful, the current recycling program seeks to significantly reduce trash by working with local businesses and homes to separate out what can be recycled here in Mexico- metals, PET plastics, cardboard, and glass.  These products are then given to recycling companies in other parts of Mexico which then produce new glasses, carpets, roads, and construction blocks for reuse. While many countries have simply stopped recycling, Mexico is going strong! The current program also provides recycling containers and a pick-up service all over town! Many of you have also used Punto Verde, which is the public drop-off point and educational opportunity that occurs every Saturday 9-11 on the Punta de Mita Highway and Calle Tortuga.

As Sayulita grows, our recycling program needs to as well! This next year, look for additional recycle bins and more community education! To find out more and to find out how you can help, visit the program's Facebook page and Circulation Action Hub.

Edited by Amy Rose Pearson