August 2, 2022 Natalia Reca 0Comment

Sayulita’s local Security is back.

For those who don’t know, towns' local security are the Vigilantes. A group of locals who strive to keep things calm and collected in town, These are your go-to people when in need.

Around 4 years ago a group of trustworthy locals saw there was a need for protection in town. These are the people that live eat and breathe Sayulita, they represent us. The vigilantes are here to protect the local community and the tourists, they make sure that there is no trouble, provide a lost and found service, and help to regulate theft. The Vigilantes want to ensure that everyone, locals and tourists, feel safe here in Sayulita. 

Sayulita Life has chosen to donate to the Vigilantes this month, The donation will help cover some of the expenses of our town's security such as equipment, medicine, or first aid products to protect the people who are in need of immediate help. Some businesses and people of the town have chosen to donate monthly cash or services. Our town's locals help in any way they can. The Sayulita Vigilantes prefer to remain anonymous for their own security and privacy.

The Vigilantes want the people of Sayulita to know that they will do everything in their power to protect the community, they want everyone to feel safe. Think of the Vigilantes as Sayulita’s 911.

Contact the numbers below for any donations, in case of emergency or assistance needed.

Please ask for town security or seguridad del pueblo.



Please consider tipping for their services. All donations are appreciated and accepted.