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Beata Stankiewicz - Singer in Sayulita is someone special here in Sayulita. When I watched her sing, she grabbed my attention; there is something about the way that she carries herself that immediately radiates an impression of glamor and class— and when she sings, it is nothing short of beautiful, elegant, and graceful.

Beata, where are you originally from? When did you come to Sayulita and why?

I am originally from Poland. I came to Puerto Vallarta five years ago, and at the time I had a good friend living in Sayulita who first showed me this amazing place. I decided to move to Mexico for music; I mostly wanted to learn different styles of music, and I did.I also love the weather, ocean, people, and all the colors of life that are in Sayulita.

When did you first start singing? What is your background in singing and music?

I started to sing when I was just five or six years old. Later, when I got a little older, I participated in choirs in music school and church. When I was seven years old, my father sent me to the music school, and there I started to also play piano. Later I changed to the flute and at the same time, I sang. I won a lot of music festivals. Then I went to an Academy of Music, the Philharmonic Choir and Musical Theatre.

How did you know that singing was your passion?

I know that singing is my passion because I sing when I wake up, when I walk… my head is always filled with music. My soul is only for music. I would play for 6-8 hours a day and it would make me happy.

You graduated from the Academy of Music in Lodz, specializing in conducting. Why did you choose conducting, and how does this training enhance your singing?

I spent a lot of years singing in choirs. Conducting was like another experience or opportunity to understand music and voices. The study of conducting is like the study of voices…you have to read voices, you have to understand harmony, you have to write composition for voices—you have to see music in your dreams.

What has been your musical experience since you graduated from university?

After University of Music in Lodz, I studied voice in Varsovia. I had two excellent teachers in the University of Frideric Chopin. Then, for four years I did a tour around Europe and Poland doing musicals. Like every travel experience, I was seeing other cultures, people, colors, and beauty. And, I got to see how music brought me and other people happiness. In 2015, I had the pleasure to sing at the Metropolitan Theater in Mexico City with the tenor, José Luis Duval. The concert won first place in the category of Word Music in Lunas del Auditorio in Mexico City. In addition to Sayulita, I have also performed for various occasions in Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, and Puebla. In all of this, I learned how music can give you many shades of emotions: smiles, sadness, reflection, euphoria, happiness.

How would you describe your style of singing?

I studied how to sing opera and musicals when I was in University, but I also learned how to sing jazz. I love jazz and acting out songs. So my voice is flexible—from high to low and deep sounds. I can sing anything from La Donna a Mobile, Phantom of the Opera, or Cabaret to This Masquerade.

What types of events are you, Beata Stankiewicz - Singer in Sayulita, available to work for in Sayulita or the surrounding area?

I can sing for private parties, special dinners, cocktail parties, rehearsal dinners, weddings, parties on the beach, etc. I have also done shows in hotels or exclusive restaurants for events they may have going on. I can sing at baptisms, quincineras, or even corporate events. I also can play the flute in addition to singing. I sing songs in Spanish, as well as in English, and can prepare songs in advance if there are special requests.

We are lucky to live in a place where so many people want to celebrate for different reasons, what better way to do that than with live music! What can people expect if they  hire you for an event here in Sayulita?

The best qualities that I bring to an event are that I always sound good, I have a strong and wide repertoire of songs (opera, pop, jazz, flamenco), I like to keep a good appearance, I am punctual, and I am always smiling.

Ruben Perez, who hired Beata to sing for an event, has this to say about her: “I’m one of the lucky ones that has had the opportunity to enjoy the amazing voice of Beata; it is simply amazing. There are no voices like that anymore. When I see her perform, she makes me feel every note. She has so much feeling and so much talent. It is not something you get to see every day…definitely a once in a life-time experience.”

To find out more information about , including how to contact her, her price range, and her availability for events, please visit her page on Sayulita Life page, Beata Stankiewicz - Singer in Sayulita.

Written By: Aanya Sheikh-Taheri