May 28, 2020 sayulitablog 0Comment

Mexico saw the biggest single-day increase in Coronavirus cases on Wednesday, May 27th. MIT predicts fatalities will peak with August and the death toll is expected to exceed 100,000 by early September.

As of Thursday morning, they predict 136,769 people in Mexico will have lost their lives to Covid-19 by September. This is more than 15 times the current official death count. The model also predicts that Covid-19 deaths will peak August 9th & 10th with over 2,000 fatalities both days. Furthermore, about 1 in 6 Mexicans will have contracted the Coronavirus by September - this could mean anywhere between 19.44 & 30.3 million people will have been infected.

It is estimated that 2.16 million people in Mexico have already been infected which is 27 times higher than the official tally. June is the fourth month that Mexico is affected by the pandemic and up to this point 8,000 people have lost their lives. Almost 245,000 people have now been tested for coronavirus in Mexico, a figure that equates to about 1,900 tests per one million people.

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