July 10, 2020 sayulitablog 0Comment

The Covid-19 cases are out of control and a former federal health minister, predicts that a new lockdown will be needed to halt the rapid growth in new cases.

In late April, President López Obrador claimed that the pandemic had been controlled but that is no longer the case. Data shows that Mexico has not passed the first wave nor the worst of the pandemic more than four months after the coronavirus was first detected here.

Chertorivski, a former health minister, charged that the ineptitude with which the government has managed the health crisis will necessitate the implementation of a new national lockdown. He noted that case numbers are rising quickly and people continue to lose their lives to Covid-19 everyday.

“There are three fundamental variables: reduction in the number of cases in the past 14 days, reduction in the number of deaths … and reduction in the number of people hospitalized. None of the three parameters was met,” Chertorivski said.

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