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Villa Amor is a beautiful and breathtaking boutique resort in Sayulita on the south side of town. Located near Playa Los Muertos and situated directly in front of the beach up a small hill/bluff, Villa Amor boasts the most stunning 180 degree views of Sayulita and the entire stretch of beach, which can be seen from every villa in the hotel. Although each villa is unique and different in theme, they are all exquisitely designed, have stunning views, and the attention to detail will make you feel like you are receiving the most VIP vacation experience Sayulita has to offer.   

I had the luxury of staying at Villa Amor in the “Las Lanchas” villa-- a 2 bedroom villa with kitchen, living space, and dining area. After checking in at the reception office, I was led to my room up a short flight of stairs, and was kindly offered help to carry my bag. Upon opening the grand double wooden Moroccan doors to the room, I was immediately blown away by the sights and sounds of the sea directly in front of me, to be seen from the open air living/dining area. The villa was airy, bright, and I could smell the fresh sea breeze from the spacious open-view balcony. The bedrooms already had the air conditioning turned on, which provided a nice reprieve from the heat and humidity after making my walk to the hotel and while I put away my bags and got settled.

I enjoyed the majority of the afternoon taking in the sights and relaxing in the open-air living room, which even though is open to the elements, still is cool and breezy. I loved watching the surfers and seeing the waves crash against the shore. The large seating area is cozy and has a luxurious feel. 

I later took a dip in the hotel pool, which is large, the perfect temperature, and has two levels. Next I explored the lush green property of the hotel. The grounds of the hotel have so many beautiful sights! Plants, flowers, tiles, amazing doors and entrances-- it was fun to simply walk around the hotel and take pictures. I felt like I was truly in the ultimate tropical oasis! 

As the evening came to a close I started to get hungry, so I decided to order take-out from the on-site restaurant at the resort, and bring my meal back up to my room. The restaurant also has room service, and the menu with a QR code is placed in every Villa. Having the restaurant on-site at the resort is a really nice option for anyone who wants to treat themselves to a romantic and delicious meal, with seating right on & above the sand. The restaurant and resort will go the extra mile to make your meal special and memorable if you are celebrating an event. I saw one particular table set-up directly in front of the sea with rose petals on the sand and white candles lighting the path to the table. Furthermore, the menu offers delicious fresh seafood and amazing specialty hand-crafted cocktails that will not disappoint!

I enjoyed my meal from the balcony/open air living area in my villa. During my dinner a light rainstorm rolled in! Wow-- what an incredible sight to witness. The sound of the rain, the soft lightning in the dark sky, and the smell of the ocean all mixed together as I dined in comfort and privacy was absolutely wonderful and so beautiful to watch! Whether it’s raining or the sun is out, the sights and sounds at Villa Amor are so dreamy and peaceful. 

The best part of my stay was falling asleep to the sounds of the ocean waves, and then waking up the next morning to see a fresh new day after the rain. The beach was calm, quiet, and soothing. I enjoyed a nice warm cup of coffee while watching the town and beach come back to life, as people slowly started to appear on the shore to start the day. If you stay at Villa Amor, you won’t want to leave your room! The views just never get old; I felt so at peace and relaxed; it was truly the ultimate paradise. When it came time for check out, the whole process was easy. I simply grabbed my bags and headed down to reception to return the key. If you need assistance with your luggage, you just need to call the front desk and they will help you.

The service at Villa Amor was excellent, and the staff were incredibly kind and attentive. Their professional front desk/concierge staff can also accommodate guests with airport transportation, spa services, weddings, excursions, restaurant reservations, etc. The attention to detail really adds to the sense of luxury, whether it be the decor in the rooms, the all organic & eco-friendly soaps and products in the bathrooms, or the landscaping on the hotel grounds. Just steps from the beach, as well as close walking distance to Los Muertos Beach and the main plaza of town, with the 180 degree views from every room, and a restaurant on the premises, Villa Amor is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to experience the true Sayulita Life. It has everything you will need for a perfect escape to paradise.

To learn more about Villa Amor in general or to book your stay, please visit their Sayulita Life Website. Also, to check out their Sayulita Life website specifically for Villa Las Lanchas, click here.


*Written by: Aanya Sheikh-Taheri