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  • Licensed Physician Assistant
  • 10+ years medical practice in the USA
  • Complimentary consultations
  • Offering safe and effective aesthetic treatments
  • Hair removal: Sugaring or Waxing
  • Botox/ Xeomin, Microneedling & PRP, Dermaplaning, Facial Treatments

Las Olas Medical Spa in Sayulita is a medical aesthetics spa offering offering safe and effective treatments to help you look and feel your best.

Our Services Include...

Xeomin - an alternative to Botox, is a prescription medication that is injected into facial muscles to temporarily decrease wrinkles, creating a youthful appearance and anti-aging prevention. It is most often used to decrease wrinkles between the eyebrows, forehead lines and crows feet. It is a safe and effective way to freshen up your appearance creating a more youthful look. Results typically last 3-4 months. 
$7 USD per Unit - The number of units depends on age, gender and desired results with an average of 20-55 units

Microneedling  - The rejuvapin microneedling device is a safe, non-laser treatment that helps the skin stimulate collagen production which tightens and firms the face, neck and body while decreasing fine lines and wrinkles. It also improves the appearance of scarring, hyperpigmentation, stretchmarks, mild rosacea, and burn scars. Includes post-care copper peptides to promote healing. Recovery: 3 days of no make-up
$200 USD per treatment | $700 USD for 4 treatments 

PRP Microneedling - (Platelet-Rich Plasma) micro-needling is a deeper, more results driven treatment that uses the clear serum from your own blood. It is infused into your tissue through micro-needling after a simple blood draw. The plate rich serum absorbs into the micro channels and uses your own growth factors and antibodies to stimulate the healing process to promote collage and elastin production. 
$350 USD per treatment & $50 USD add-on per additional treatment area.

Dermaplaning - a safe, painless and highly effective anti-aging and exfoliating procedure. With the use of surgical blade in shaving-like motions, dead skin and vellus hair (peach fuzz) are removed. UP to two weeks worth of dead skin can be removed leaving the skin soft, even textured, and glowing. Even though your hair will grow back, it will not grow back darker, thicker or more coarse in any way. 

With the removal of dead skin and vellus hair your makeup will apply more smoothly and your hydrating and moisturizing products will penetrate deeper getting more results from your products. It also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, age spots, and sun damage. 
$60 USD per treatment

Facial Treatments - One hour facial using products selected especially for your skins particular needs, zoning in on wrinkles, fine lines, and uneven skin tone. Enjoy a deep cleanse, exfoliation, extractions, facial massage, specialty mask, appropriate serums, finishing with a moisturizer. Leave feeling healthy, clean and hydrated. Neck, upper back and shoulder massage included. 
$60 USD per session

Ozone Therapy Permanent Fat Reduction is a safe, painless treatment for the reduction of body fat that is not responding to diet and exercise. This treatment helps you lose unwanted fat by adding oxygen and ozone to convert the lipids within the fat tissue to a water soluble molecule. The fat cells are broken down and easily eliminated in the urine. The results are proven, noticeable, and lasting. Recommended 8-10 sessions minimum per focus area.
$125 USD per treatment | Detox Package, 10 Sessions $950  USD | Mini Detox Package, 6 Sessions $625 USD

Packages include mini consult for nutrition and exercise

Hair Removal: Sugaring or Waxing - Sugaring is an ancient method for removing hair made of organic sugar and calming herbs. The technique is actually the opposite of waxing resulting in less trauma to the skin and less ingrown hairs. You'll find smoother skin with less irritation which means you'll be your normal self sooner after sugaring. 

Sugaring Services & Pricing

  • Eyebrows $10
  • Cheeks/Sideburns $10
  • Upper Lip $8
  • Underarms $15
  • Full Face (women) $30
  • Half Arm $25
  • Full Arm $40
  • Half Leg $25
  • Full Leg $50
  • Basic Bikini $25
  • Brazilian $45

Mobile Med Spa Party - Do you want a fun and convenient girls night in with Botox treatments and spa services? This is the ultimate party for your own medical spa in Sayulita! Imagine a party full of friends paired with education, anti-aging solutions, and an opportunity to receive an in-home spa treatment. 

By hosting a med spa party, you and your guests can experience a stress free, interesting and fun gathering while learning about anti-aging solutions by a medical professional, and collectively receive a group discount or free services in a no-pressure environment. 

Please use the contact form for any inquiries or to book your appointment! 

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Great service, loved the results
Brought Amy out for my sisters bachelorette, she did a house call and immediate put all the girls who have never done it as ease. We got Botox and facials. Wonderful way to start the day
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Experienced: January, 2024
I was able to get in without a lot of advance notice and Amy was wonderful. I got Xeomin injections and it was so much more affordable than in the states. I also got a dermaplane facial which felt really nice and left my skin smooth and glowing for the rest of my vacation. The place was comfortable and clean. These aren't typically relaxing treatments but I felt pampered nonetheless. I highly recommend Las Olas Medical spa.
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Experienced: January, 2022
Such a great experience.
From my first interaction with Rochelle I felt at ease. She was very knowledgeable. I’m glad I went.
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Experienced: February, 2020
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Rochelle in Sayulita Mexico
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Rochelle is the mother of two boys, a wife and a physician assistant. She practiced medicine for ten years in community health clinics in both Washington and Idaho. She got married in Sayulita in 2007 and has returned regularly to this piece of paradise. She wanted to open a medical aestheics spa to offer safe and effective treatments and luxury papering services. The Sayulita lifestyle is what brought Rochelle and her family to Sayulita. When she is not in the spa, you will often find her out surfing or on the beach with her children.