Sayulita Couples Retreat

Calle Juan Escutio 8, Sayulita 215 Visitors
Hours of Operation
7AM - 6PM
7AM - 6PM
7AM - 6PM
7AM - 6PM
7AM - 6PM
7AM - 6PM
7AM - 6PM
Notes: Based on Retreat Operation
  • Kambo & Bufo Retreat January 20-27
  • Valentines Reconnection Retreat February 8-12 & 15-19
  • Spring Break Reconnection Retreat March 14-18 & 21-15
  • Yoga, Reiki, Cacao Ceremonies, Breathwork & More!
  • Guided By An Experienced Shaman
  • Water Activities & Hiking

Sayulita Couples Retreat is a haven for couples to embark on a sacred journey of rediscovery, healing, and strengthening their love, ultimately enriching the foundation of their families. Nestled along the sun-kissed shores of Sayulita, the Sayulita Couples Retreat beckons couples to an exquisite haven where romance converges with artistic brilliance. The heartbeat of this retreat lies in its four meticulously designed bedroom suites, each adorned with the captivating mural artwork of renowned Mexican artist Senkoe.

Join our 5-Day Reconnection Retreat and Immerse yourselves in the serenity of daily Yoga, along with Latin flavors and dancing, or join the transformative journey, where our 8-day Kambo and Bufo Couples Retreats offer a profound cleanse and spiritual bonding experience. Guided by our experienced shaman, couples undergo a sacred process. reconnecting with themselves and the universe through these powerful rituals.

Spiritual Wellness Activities:
At Sayulita Couples Retreat, we offer a range of spiritual and rejuvenating activities for our guests to enjoy. From daily yoga, reiki, sound bowl meditation, cacao ceremonies and more, our team of experienced instructors will help you connect with your inner self. We also offer workshops on topics such as mindfulness, energy healing, and Ayurveda, allowing you to deepen your spiritual practice and gain new insights. Join us for a transformative experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and centered.

Our Rooms:
The heartbeat of this intimate retreat lies in its four meticulously designed bedroom suites, each adorned with the captivating mural artwork of renowned Mexican artist Senkoe. Paying homage to the Spirit Elemental Animals, these suites encapsulate the essence of fire, earth, water, and air, weaving a narrative that transcends cultural boundaries.

Sayulita Couples Retreat is dedicated to providing an unforgettable experience for our guests.
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Sayulita Couples Retreat was born from a profound desire to rekindle the sacred bonds of love within families, starting at the very core of any union •the couple themselves. Its inception can be traced back to humble beginnings, where the rounders, inspired by the bellet in love's transtormative power set out on a mission to help couples strengthen their connection. They understood that in the chaos of everyday life, the essence of love sometimes fades, and relationships need nurturing. Sayulita Couples Retreat emerged as a sanctuary for couples seeking to revive and deepen their love through a unique and transformative experience.