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Golf cart rentals in Sayulita Mexico

Located in the Heart of Sayulita!
Electric and Gas Golf Cart Rentals Available
Professional and Friendly Service
We Accept Visa, MasterCard, USD and Pesos!
Perfect for Sayulita's Hills and Cobblestone Streets
2x2 GolfCarts (2 in front, 2 in back)

Golf car rentals in Sayulita Mexico

Welcome to Pacific Coast Golf Cars, the best alternative to renting a car when you just need to get around the beautiful village of Sayulita. We are located along the main cobblestone street in the heart of Sayulita on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, just 35 kms (21 miles) north of PV airport. We service from Puerto Vallarta to San Pancho and their surrounding areas.

We rent EZ-GO ST 2+2's. We offer both gas powered and electric golf cars that can accommodate up to 4 people. Forget the rental car and rent a golf car! It can be used for a multitude of uses in and around town, whether it be going to the beach, cruising around town, sight seeing, going out to eat, or bringing home the those heavy bags of groceries.  The cars have all terrain tires and are perfect for the hills or streets around Sayulita or the surrounding areas.

To rent a golf car you will need a valid driver's license and a credit card for the security deposit. For your convenience we accept Mexican Pesos, American Dollars, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

Please email/call for pricing

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from 11 reviews
Town Around Golf Cart Rentals - Great Service, Great GAS Carts!
I strongly suggest reserving a cart before you arrive. I thought I could just walk up and rent a cart but that isn't how things work in Sayulita. However... Silver made every effort to phone other companies to help me find a cart. Although all were booked, I gave him my contact info and he came through later that day per an early return. Can't thank him enough for his efforts! These are the best carts in town, period!
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Experienced: November, 2017
Great service, very nice golf cart
We had a wonderful experience with Pacific Coast Golf Carts in Sayulita. Gabe was friendly and answered all of our questions. He took the time to give us instructions and even an extension cord in case our vacation rental had power that was farther away than we expected.

The electric golf cart was in perfect condition and we had a great time seeing a bit more of Sayulita than we would have if we had been walking out in the October heat! You get a built in breeze while seeing the sights. It made for a fantastic vacation! Some of the unpaved roads in town were in rough shape due to the rainy season, but the golf cart got us home every time.
I highly recommend getting a golf cart for your Sayulita vacation!
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Experienced: October, 2017
Go here first
My family always stops at Pacific Coast Golf Carts first when we stay in Sayulita. This place is great! We love being able to explore the whole town and zip down to the store for something last minute.
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Experienced: April, 2017
Great service!
I would highly recommend renting from this company! Great service :) We will be back!
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Experienced: December, 2016
I would absolutely recommend getting a golf cart to cruise around Sayulita, especially when it's really hot, and I would 100% recommend Gabe and Pacific Coast. It was so easy to reserve a cart, and it was ready for us, even though we had to pick it up a day later due to travel delays. Gabe was really nice and flexible, and we loved our golf cart. We will for sure use them again.
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Experienced: May, 2015
Could not have been smoother!
Gabe and Luis were terrific. You always have a little anxiety when you make a reservation months in advance anywhere that all is good. It wasn't good, it was GREAT! A cart is the only way to go around Sayulita especially if you're staying up in hills where we were. Easy to park, so much fun just cruising around town especially at night. We were a family of four and plenty room and power.

Very professional, seemless experience. Highly reommmended
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Experienced: December, 2014
Best way to get around Sayulita
My wife and I rented a cart for a few days in February. We quickly found it was the best way to see and get around town. The electric cart from Pacific Coast was in excellent condition, had good range on one charge and climbed the steepest hills even with 3 people on-board. The rental experience was friendly, efficient and a good value for the money. We are planning a return visit and will certainly be renting another cart from this company.
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Experienced: February, 2013

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Experienced: December, 2011
The absolute BEST place in Sayulita for Golf Cars. Pacific Coast, has only safe and reliable cars with the most convenient location in town. Our immense gratitude to Gabe & Julie.

We arrived in Sayulita for our daughter's wedding and naturally everyone was excited and happily anticipating our week-long stay. We rented a beautiful villa on the north end of town at the corner of Mud & Steep Hill, so we also rented the owners' two golf cars. Within two short hours of our arrival there was a tragic accident involving one of their golf cars, it had no brakes! Consequently, our daughter (the bride) ended up pinned under the golf car and scraped raw on her entire right leg from ankle to hip. According to the Wound Care Center in Kansas City, the equivalent of having 2nd & 3rd degree burns. This resulted in 4 trips to Dr. Moy. She suffered through a week of unrelenting pain a misery and severely restricted mobility, she couldn't walk without help.

Our coordinator, Katy from Play Bliss Weddings, took us to Pacific Coast where we met Gabe & Julie. They took one look at her injured leg, and Gabe immediately went to retrieve us two, safe, reliable golf cars from his fleet. Gabe has integrity and takes pride in renting only well maintained, safe, reliable cars. His shop regularly checks out each car to be sure they meet his high standards. I will only and always rent from Gabe when I'm in Sayulita. Please don't make our mistake. It's now two months later and our daughter still has not fully healed!
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Experienced: October, 2011
Great service!
Great place to rent a golf cart or 4 wheeler. Easy to find location, and very helpful, friendly owners. Will rent from Gabe and Julie on my next visit. Thank you for all your help in making our family vacation perfect!
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Experienced: July, 2011
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