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Sayulita is known for many special things, one of them being the strong culture of creative arts and creative expression that exists in our community. In Sayulita we are lucky to have such a diverse range of skilled musical artists to share their gift with us. Local Sayulita resident Ryan Webb is not only a great husband and soon to be father, but a talented musician and DJ, who also somehow finds time to give back to the community. DJ Webb graces the stage in many of our local venues and bars. Ryan tells me about his DJ’ing, his passion for music, and how this led him to pursue it as a hobby.
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Thanks to the efforts of local members of our community who have freely given their time, this baseball program initiative which began several years ago has really taken off, now with nearly two hundred local youth participating in it from several different neighboring communities. Thanks to their hard work and time, our youth can now enjoy a fully operational baseball program with proper equipment, in order to play competitively in games against other teams from Tepic to Puerto Vallarta. I talk with one of the organizers/volunteers Matt Stooke about the program, how it first started, and what it is like now.
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As many of you have noticed, professional workers and engineers have begun the construction and placement of the new emissor at the river bed which connects to the main beach. This is part of an ongoing project from Sayulita’s new Sewage Treatment Plant. I talked with key members from the board of Grupo Pro Sayulita, who began this project several years ago and remain the liasons with the government officials now in charge of the plant and project. All of the projects have been designed to upgrade previous wastewater management systems. Phase 1 began more than two years ago, and phase 3, being done now, will be completed in the next few weeks.
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Sayulita and its surrounding area is perfect for a destination wedding. Sayulita is a busy little town, yet manages to maintain a local charm. With a number of scenic bays or vistas to choose from, it’s an ideal destination for unforgettable wedding moments. In addition, the nearby Puerto Vallarta airport makes it especially convenient for both bride and groom and guests. There are endless possibilities when it comes to resorts, hotels, or more unique boutique-style locations that will be happy to cater to making the wedding of your dreams come true. Tamara and Patricia of Chic Concepts have over a decade of experience in planning weddings, and they are dedicated to bringing your unique and special wedding vision to life.
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Sayulita Wine Shop is a fun and quirky little shop full of delicious wines, spirits, and other specialty items. Beyond simply selling fine and quality wines, Sayulita wine shop offers a variety of fun events, such as tasting parties, private tastings, a membership with exclusive benefits, “Wine Wednesdays” with live music, and many other enjoyable events for your entertainment. I talk with Sayulita Wine Shop about their products and fun services that we can take advantage of here in Sayulita.
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A HUGE thank you goes out to each and every one of you who helped to make the final steps of the Lifeguard Tower Project a success! This truly was a village project. Some of you maybe helped financially by donating to the cause, some of you did physical work on the towers themselves, and others were supporters on an emotional level (particularly for me)! This was a labor of love for our community and by our community, and now we can say that our Sayulita beaches are safer knowing that we have these structures in place.
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Las Mujeres de Sayulita is a growing and powerful group of women in the Sayulita community working together to bring environmental awareness and action to our Pueblo Magico. Many stores in the community as well as our neighboring areas such as Punta de Mita are already implementing the “no more plastic bag” idea, but more work is needed in order to spread awareness, and help reduce plastic waste. The Mujeres’ first and recent project as a team was to reduce the use of plastic bags in our community, and it has proven to be a large success. Working in coordination with the 9th grade students at Colegio Costa Verde school, they have helped to reduce the amount of plastic bags used in Sayulita by providing a program for reusable canvas bags, and a plan for how the local stores and tiendas can use them.
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Ruben’s Annual Ranchero Fundraiser Party was a huge success again this year! The Ranchero Party at Ruben’s ranch is an absolute blast, and each year is greatly looked forward to. The party supports the amazing organization Grupo Pro Sayulita, which helps our community in many wonderful ways. The party was on Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019, and was very well attended. All proceeds from the ticket sales go directly back into our community by aiding the various projects of Grupo Pro Sayulita that help make our Pueblo Magico a better place
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I have been looking for a delicious HEALTHY breakfast idea for quite some time now, and I finally found it it! SPINACH FETA HAM MUFFINS are so yummy that I have to share the recipe with you! All the ingredients are available here in Sayulita, so there is absolutely no reason not to make them. Invite someone over for brunch and really impress with this delicious dish!
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Colegio Costa Verde is a private, international school here in Sayulita. It is having its annual fundraiser with the theme of “Havana Nights” in order to raise funds for the school’s scholarship program. Parent and lead organizer Niki Bhattacharya tells me more about the school and the importance of this fundraiser for our local children of Sayulita.