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Gabriel, in summery, what does a property management service, like Property Management-Integral Services, generally do?

Although services vary from company to company, a full service property management usually takes over many time consuming responsibilities, saving you time (and subsequently money), and unnecessary stress. Services may include maintenance, administrative tasks, personalized guest services, maid, gardener, and pool service, but can generally be personalized to fit your needs.

We absolutely believe in the principle of ‘WIN-WIN,’
where all the parties must benefit.
Gabriel Pena

How long has Property Management–Integral Services been in business?

We have been operating since 1999, so we have a lot of experience (18 years!) in the Nayarit market for you to benefit from.

What kind of properties do you manage?

The majority of our managed properties are vacation rentals and condos, ranging from two to seven bedrooms, from Sayulita to Lo de Marcos.

How knowledgeable does a property management company have to be when it comes to national laws for property management and dealing with tenants?

In order to provide certainty and confidence to our clients, an administrator must know the basics of the municipal, state, and federal laws. Also, in order to advise our clients properly, we at Property Management-Integral Services are advised by lawyers and tax lawyers. This service is also available to our customers, if needed. Our dealings with tenants, as well as with owners, are based on respect and trust. We absolutely believe in the principle of "WIN-WIN," where all the parties must benefit.

What sets Property Management–Integral Services apart from other companies?

I believe our personalized services, together with our high standards, and always searching for 100% satisfaction of owners, as well of guests, sets us apart from other companies. Besides, after eighteen years of business in the Nayarit area, it's safe to say we are quite knowledgeable of not only the property management market, but also cultural and legal matters that define the area.

How does the concept of a one-stop-shop lead to the actual saving of valuable time and money?

Imagine yourself juggling valuable time and money, trying to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Owning a vacation rental is one thing, but dealing with the administrative hassle, checking in and out clients, maid services, finding new tenants, and keeping your sanity, is another thing. That's where a trustworthy one-stop property management company comes in: A company that meets all of your needs in one package. No more dealing with different companies and additional fees that add up, just one stop for all your legal, administrative, and maintenance needs, leaving you with more time and less costs.

Yes, we'd like to have more life and less unnecessary stress! How can we reach you?

Please feel free to contact me, Gabriel Peña, on my mobile phone at (322) 135 0659 or through the Sayulita Life website at Property Management-Integral Services. For all inquiries, I am available, from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm from Monday to Saturday. Don't hesitate to call in for a personal appointment!


Writer: Inge Poell