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Origenes Interior, nestled next to Naty’s Kitchen on Marlin Street, is Sayulita’s newest store from designer and owner David Luna and his business partner Pepe Kabande. Origenes Interior is David and Pepe’s third store they have opened here in Sayulita over the last four years; their first two stores proved to be very successful, but David and Pepe wanted to open Origenes Interior because it has its own unique concept which makes it stand apart from their previous stores.

David and Pepe have known each other for over thirty years; originally from Guadalajara, they first met and became friends in Puerto Vallarta in 1982. David and Pepe’s original shop is in Tlaquepaque, which they opened almost twenty eight years ago— Pepe explains that it is more like a warehouse where they have an even larger selection of beautiful items to choose from and is where they handpick many of the items to bring here to Sayulita and sell at Origenes Interior. David, who lives in Guadalajara, does the design work for many of the items sold in Origenes Interior, and has his designs sourced and made locally in Mexico. David has more than twenty-five years of experience in the handling and designing of all types of materials, including wood, iron, ceramics, leather, blown glass, and textiles. Pepe, while also an artist, does more of the business side of the work and takes care of the shop in Sayulita.

Pepe says: “The designer of our three shops is Mr. David Luna who lives in Guadalajara. Because of this, he is able to use his local artisans to carry out his designs and this gives us the chance to implement new things to carry in our store that you maybe wouldn’t be able to find in Sayulita.”

Pepe first came to Sayulita about twenty years ago and loved it so much, he decided to stay and open his businesses with David. “What I loved most about Sayulita from the start was the jungle. I also found Sayulita to be very cosmopolitan for being such a small town, but without it being too elegant or pretentious or proper, which I believe I am. I started the first shop in Sayulita in 2014; it was a store which ended up being mostly leather purses and handbags. The second one was a men’s clothing shop, and that one opened in December of 2015. Now this shop, Origenes Interior, which opened in 2016, is focused on home accessories, decorations, and gifts. The name of our shop is ‘Origenes Interior’, because we try to keep our store changing all the time, thinking about what our clients need for the interior or the home, and making sure we sell the most beautiful items.”

Pepe tells me that the concept for Origenes Interior is to sell mostly Mexican made, high-end, hand-crafted, and personally designed gifts or pieces for the home that you can’t really find anywhere else here in Sayulita. Different from their other stores, rather than focusing on a single type of product or style, Origenes Interior has a wide range of luxurious décor, artwork, and gifts, as well as a variety of items for the home, such as glassware, dishes, furniture, baskets, pillows, napkins, mirrors, vases, etc. Pepe is most known in Sayulita for his business experience and keen eye for art; however, he also specializes in making driftwood sculptures and hangings, which are for sale at Origenes Interior.

“I don’t catalog myself or call myself an artist so to speak; I’m a little bit more of a businessman. However, as you know I have my own line of wood pieces that I sell in the shop. I really like the combination of wood and stone and putting them together. I love knowing that the pieces are mostly done by God and nature—to think that they have been sitting for a long time up in the mountains or jungle, and I take them down, clean them out,  give them wax or any need, and I give them a little movement to find them a life once again.”

Pepe not only makes beautiful wood creations, but he has vast knowledge about the store’s products and is very helpful to customers who have questions or are looking for design ideas/ inspiration.  In addition to their superior customer service, Origenes Interior also offers customers the option to place orders online. This makes it even easier to get the items that you love by having them shipped directly to your home.

The store is small, yet comfortable, and is filled with striking and stunning items that quickly catch your eye. Products are stacked from the floor all the way to the ceiling; there is a plethora of goods to look at and admire from your very first step inside. The designs and products mostly reflect the colorful, vibrant, traditional Mexican style and culture, although some items are more rustic and natural, others have a more industrial type of feeling, and others are more playful. All in all, it is clear that every single item is well-made, high-quality, and unique. When you go to Origenes Interior, you are definitely going to want to spend time carefully browsing each of the wonderful pieces. There is something for everyone to fall in love with at Origenes Interior. Visit David and Pepe’s Origenes Interior and see for yourself how much there is to fall in love with in the store. You won’t want to leave empty handed.


Written by: Aanya Sheikh-Taheri