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Sandra Vazquez is a local Mexican artist who uses natural materials and high-quality craftsmanship to create one-of-a-kind, handmade arts and crafts that reflect Mexican folklore and ethnic style. Her pieces are playful, colorful, whimsical, and vibrant. While her primary revenue comes from the sale of her products as wedding favors or keepsakes, she also sells her art as gifts, souvenirs, or for home décor accents. I talk with Sandra about her passion behind her creations and her background which led her to pursue her online business, Mexikan Art Studio.

Where are you originally from Sandra?

I was originally born in California, but was raised all my life in Mexico, specifically in Guadalajara, Jalisco— the land of Mariachi and Tequila. I currently live between Guadalajara and Sayulita, so I feel I have an advantage in seeing a lot of different styles of our culture.

Growing up in Mexico and experiencing Mexican culture from a young age, what did you find that you loved the most about it, and how does this inspire your art?

What I love the most about my Mexican culture is the explosion of colors that are manifested in each of the handmade pieces I see; I think they make us feel more alive and happy. I love that all of this expression of Mexican culture and art is lived every day here in Sayulita; it is a beautiful coastal town— happy, fresh, and fun. That's why I love it!

When did you first begin your work for Mexikan Art Studio, and what was the inspiration behind it?

It all started as a hobby at first, until I started studying graphic design, and then I had the good fortune to meet wonderful and talented artisans who taught me more about the craft, helped me, and inspired me with all the beautiful things they made by hand; that's how my passion turned into work. This journey began just a few years ago. Primarily, as a professional graphic designer, I was in love with design, illustrations, and just art in general. Now in our studio we manufacture most of our products, and I am fortunate to work with a group of talented artisans who help me to make all of my artistic ideas become a reality. Some of my products are also collaborations with artisans from different parts of Mexico.

What types of pieces do you sell on your online store, Mexikan Art Studio, and what makes them unique?

We make and sell various wedding favors, such as maracas, fans, baskets, etc. We also have beautiful pieces for home décor, as well as embroidered dresses for girls. Our style reflects the traditional, vibrant style of Mexican folklore. We specialize mostly in making wedding favors, like personalized maracas; those are very popular and perfect for people in Sayulita looking for the right keepsake or gift which reflects Mexico. The wedding favors are handcrafted pieces that not only look beautiful for a wedding, but just as much for decoration in one’s home, so they are multi-purposeful. Our art gives any space a touch of color and whimsy, so they would look beautiful in your home too. Each of the pieces are made by hand with a lot of love and passion for our culture. Customers who purchase a handcrafted piece from Mexikan Art Studio not only can have a simple wedding favor, they can get a little piece of authentic Mexico to take with them, wherever that may be. That is the best part about buying our products.

After seeing Sandra’s work and speaking with her, it is clear that she is full of passion for her culture and she is very talented in her craft; her pieces use fine, quality materials and are very meticulously well-made. Her art is spirited, imaginative, animated, and fun! The crafts really can be bought and used for anything and would appeal to many occasions in Sayulita besides weddings—they would be great accents or gifts for birthday parties, corporate events, quinceaneras, a special little surprise for a gift bag or thank you gift, or for authentic decorations and keepsakes for your home.

Visit Sandra’s Etsy shop online here  and check out her beautiful work. You can also email her here for questions and orders. She ships her products worldwide! Additionally, you can find Sandra’s art studio in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Sandra does custom orders, so you can personalize your art piece or craft to perfectly reflect you and your individual story or style. The custom-made maracas are my personal favorite of hers—they are so cute and would add such a special and unique touch to a wedding or fun event here in Sayulita! Visit Sandra’s website and have the chance to take a little piece of authentic Mexican art home with you.


Written By: Aanya Sheikh-Taheri