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Abel- Your Property Manager works here in Sayulita helping residents and homeowners manage their properties, homes, or vacation rentals. There are many important decisions that go with choosing a property manager in Sayulita, thus it is important to choose a person that you can trust and depend on. Abel is that person; he is genuinely passionate about what he does, and he is personally committed to his clients and taking care of their homes as if they were his own. Abel is extremely experienced in property management; he has managed over twenty properties, and has helped numerous local members of the community of Sayulita by taking the stress out of what can seem daunting in finding someone to help manage a home or property. Abel tells me about himself and his business Abel—Your Property Manager.

How long have you been living in Sayulita, and how long have you been managing properties?

I have been living in Sayulita for eighteen years, so I know this community, its surroundings, its needs, and its peculiarities or unique quirks very well. I have been managing properties for five years. I first worked for my family business in managing rental houses, and that is how I got my start in the business. The name of that company is Pacific Solutions. I started by first working in maintenance, for example doing different things for the houses, working on the gardens, fixing issues with electricity, plumbing, painting, etc. My first house that I managed was Quetzal in the Nanzal neighborhood.

What do you enjoy the most about working in property management?

What I enjoy most is that I get to help people solve problems in an optimal and pleasant way. I help take care of every and any need for my bosses or clients. I enjoy that because of my help, I bring smiles to my clients’ faces. I love that I get to help solve the needs or problems of the houses I manage. I enjoy what I do because I learn from and also teach each person with whom I get to work with. I consider myself a solution facilitator.

When did the business first open?

We opened last year in 2017. Our office is located in the center of Sayulita.

What do you think are the most important things for a property manager to do for his/her clients?

I take care of my clients and am responsible for all of the interests of my clients and guests. Having a strong balance of all the people involved in the home, such as the workers and maintenance crew, is very important. Being kind and be willing to be flexible to solve everything is what I like to do, in a peaceful and friendly way.

How can you help people in Sayulita? What do you do the best as a property manager?

I keep and organize all of the accounts of the house expenses, such as payments to the workers, electricity bills, water, taxes etc. I also help supervise the cleaning and maintenance personnel. I have experience in keeping track of all purchases of items for cleaning and maintenance, as well as concierge services. I am also the one to help when receiving guests, or to administer any type of advertising or webpage for the house, whether it be on, or other rental sites. I really enjoy doing everything I can to help, and treating my clients’ homes as if they are my own.

It is clear that Abel- Your Property Manager is very experienced in his field, and he knows his community very well. He is passionate about what he does and is here to help serve you and all of your property’s needs. Visit his office in the center of Sayulita or contact him to help take care of your home or guests in Sayulita.


Written By: Aanya Sheikh-Taheri