February 7, 2019 sayulitablog 0Comment

Ruben’s Annual Ranchero Fundraiser Party was a huge success again this year! The Ranchero Party at Ruben’s ranch is an absolute blast, and each year is greatly looked forward to. The party supports the amazing organization Grupo Pro Sayulita, which helps our community in many wonderful ways. The party was on Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019, and was very well attended. All proceeds from the ticket sales go directly back into our community by aiding the various projects of Grupo Pro Sayulita that help make our Pueblo Magico a better place.

As some may already know, Grupo Pro Sayulita is a non-political, duly-registered and federally-recognized Mexican non-profit association that was founded by concerned citizens committed to enriching the quality of life for all in Sayulita. Grupo Pro Sayulita exists on the fundamental elements of making Sayulita a clean, safe, and exciting community to live in. With the help of volunteers, donations, and the hard work of Grupo Pro Sayulita's members, institutions such as the police, the firefighters, the recycling center, and the lifeguards are able to exist in Sayulita.

Funds raised from the Ranchero party help support Grupo Pro’s efforts by paying rents for government offices, such as fire, police, the MP muni permit office, etc. Additionally, these funds offer support for the SayulitAnimals Spay and Neuter Clinic, SayuParke Children's Playground, EcoSayulita, the Recycling Center, the turtle camp (Campamento Tortuguero), our governmental liaison, school and town programs, and many other health and safety partners. Furthermore, in order to maintain traffic management at peak season, organize and fund beach clean ups, and to provide latrines for Semana Santa, Grupo Pro needs additional funding.

Charlie Knittel, former treasurer and board member explains a little about what guests enjoyed at the Ranchero party: “We started off at 5:00 p.m. in the meadow with a fun social hour with old and new friends. There was a bean bag toss, tequila tasting, and other fun games. Our Raffle, which was a new approach this year, had many great prizes, including three one-night stays at Villa Amor. Later in the evening, we moved to Ruben and Monica’s beautiful palapa to enjoy their incredible meal: ribs, grilled chicken, and fish accompanied by numerous tasty sides. After dinner, we danced to the music selected by our awesome DJ! We cannot heap enough accolades upon Ruben and Monica for their support every year; it’s really amazing, and Pro Sayulita depends on the money raised to help support our projects. Damien of Don Pedro’s Restaurant is another big supporter, hosting the Gala Dinner (which is on March 13th this year), at his beach restaurant; stayed tuned for more information on this next event. Ian Hodge also always comes through with technical/financial support and publicity.”

As part of the thread of this amazing Pueblo Magico, your support of and attendance at this event was greatly appreciated. Thank you all once again for making this event another big success. Finally, thank you to Monica and Ruben for hosting an incredible evening of fundraising fun!


*Written by: Aanya Sheikh-Taheri, with contributions from Janice Parker