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Sayulita is known for many special things, one of them being the strong culture of creative arts and creative expression that exists in our community. In Sayulita we are lucky to have such a diverse range of skilled musical artists to share their gift with us. Local Sayulita resident Ryan Webb is not only a great husband and soon to be father, but a talented musician and DJ, who also somehow finds time to give back to the community. DJ Webb graces the stage in many of our local venues and bars. Ryan tells me about his DJ’ing, his passion for music, and how this led him to pursue it as a hobby.

Can you tell readers where you are originally from, and what drew you to Sayulita in the first place?

I grew up in a small town in Ontario, Canada, and moved to Vancouver when I was a late teenager. I started coming to the Sayulita area in 2010, and met my now wife, Melissa, in 2011. After that, I started spending my winters in Sayulita to be with Mel, and I quickly fell in love with the place. We got married in San Pancho, and we are now expecting our first child, whom I'm proud to have grow up in Sayulita.

What do you as a DJ/musician do best? Do you have a specialty or signature style?

I am known for scratching and cutting up records, switching up styles, and using a lot of different classic samples in my mixes, with my specialty being hip-hop, electronic music, and a very tropical sound.

When did your passion for music really begin to grow, and then how did you learn how to DJ?

It's really a combination of a few different things. Growing up I played in a lot of bands; my mother was a music teacher and my father sold professional sound to big artists touring in Canada. I also worked in some different clubs in a ski town called Whistler, a mecca for Canadian DJ's to make a name for themselves. Watching DJ's playing in these clubs lead me to bribe them to teach me some skills. Combining this with my natural passion for music  and a deep knowledge of music, got me to where I am today with my DJ skills.

What is your favorite thing about DJ'ing and creating music?

I love the feeling of playing and feeding off of the strong energy of people dancing and being as excited as I am, especially when playing my own music.

Why do you think music is such a powerful way to bring people together?

Music is just such a beautiful way to bring all sorts of strangers together and connect in the moment; there is nothing better than the feeling of getting goosebumps from music that reaches its way inside your soul, and that is what I want to create and share.

What sort of events have you DJ’d for, and where do you typically perform/play here in Sayulita?

I normally play in clubs with live hip-hop artists, at break dance events, or alongside other DJ's. I've been involved with Festival Sayulita many times, and I also like to play for fundraisers as a gift or as a way I can give back to the community. I am also interested in playing for private parties, events, or destination weddings.

Is there anything else you want readers to know?

I offer free DJ lessons to local kids, and I would love to go out of my way to contribute to the local community, so I encourage interested youth to contact me via my Sayulita Life Web Page. You can also listen to my music on SoundCloud or can find it through Facebook. All of the downloads are free.


*Written by: Aanya Sheikh-Taheri